Trip to China 3

Today is the best day ever! I got to climb the Great Wall of China! My mom and I went to the highest point. For some reason, I didn’t feel tired after the climb. The view is awesome at the top! You can look down and see the beautiful trees and friendly grass green mountains. The Great Wall looks like a gigantic dragon. Once I got to the top I started singing a song that I made up about me climbing the Great Wall. We got up early in the morning at 6:00. Now, you would think that after somebody climbs the Great Wall, they would go home and rest. Well, this girl doesn’t. After I climbed the Great Wall, I went to the place where they had the Olympics in 2008. I got a ring of all five fortune dolls. I also got a very pretty sunhat that’s all different colors. Today is the best day of this trip for sure!


2 responses to “Trip to China 3

  1. I wish I could have been a dragon fly on your shoulder as you climbed the Great Wall. I image seeing each curve and incline while also searching my side view to see the vast panoramic view. Will you invite me someday? Although I would be much heavier on your shoulder in my human form.

  2. Wow, you really had a lot of fun in the capital of China! Have you heard that “if you have not climbed the Great Wall, you are not a real man”. So you are a real WOMAN!

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