Trip To China 2

Today we went to the Capital Museum. It was very unique. My favorite part was the clothing. I like how the chinese people use animal designs for thier hats and shoes.My second favorite exhibit was the porcelin pots. Theyr’e so shiny and pretty! I noticed that the most common designs are dragons, lotis flower petals, and chrysanthamen flower petals. Here is one thing about this museum that I’ll never forget, my annoying little sister broke a lid from a teapot set that was 600 yuans and my mom had to pay for it! And my mom even told her not to touch it! Today is unforgetable!

6 responses to “Trip To China 2

  1. wow

  2. Remember the old proverb “curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back” 🙂 So your little sister’s experience illustrates sometime curiosity can cost a little fortune but she (and you) will probably remember it forever… Enjoy your trip in China and hope to read more along the way.

  3. How old was the teapot?

  4. I like your writing which has a lot of descriptive words and makes me almost see what you saw. Sorry to hear that little accident. I bet your poor sister might be scared too. Give her a lot of hugs and she will remember it forever! Keep the good writing.

  5. OMG!!!!!!!! I say, that little sister of yours, in my opinion, behaved VERY badly. And she is a little annoying. I can’t believe she did that! How nuch did it cost?

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