trip to china

This trip to china is better than I thought it would be so far! Today this morning we went to a park called Tao Ran Ting. The park is a breath taking wonderland. Everywhere you look there is lush green grass, beautiful flowers, and trees filled with life. In addition, there is a great big pond ( or a small lake ) where you can go boating. My mom, my sister, and I road on a boat that goes automaticly. There’s a wheel so you can steer where you want to go. I was the driver. Being the driver is awesome! I finally figured out my 5th inner talent, steering a boat! Once, my mom let my sister steer. Once her hands were set on the wheel, we all went bumper boats! But then, we ran out off time so my mom let me steer us back. Yesterday was good too. That day was basicly a Mommy and I time. I spent the whole day with my mom outside playing. First we went to the Forbbiden City. That’s where the king lived. You can see where all the kings have their meetings, where they sleep, where they change their clothes, where they get married, where they die, and many more. I learned a ton about our history in the royalty subject. Did you know that the king controls the time, measurement, and time? Another thing that I think is cool is that the dots on the castle door ( or whatever that building is called ) means that the king is very powerful. I really like my trip to china so far. I wonder how the rest of my summer will be!

3 responses to “trip to china

  1. Where was your accommodation???

  2. When I went to China, when I was going to 2nd grade, I went in one of those boat thingys too! I got to steer and I thought it was really fun.

  3. Lucky you that you got to visit China! I hope it was not as hot there as it is here now. It would be wonderful if you can share a few pictures you took in China 🙂

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