Poem-3: Father’s Day Poem: Ping-Pong


You play Ping-Pong with Grampa nearly every night,

Opposite ends of the table, with the ball in flight.

I know you enjoy this sport a lot,

Win against you, I cannot,

You’re too good,

So if you would,

Teach me how to play like you,

I’ll try to learn Ping-Pong too.

I’ll try to learn, and make it good

So then, you won’t have to wear a hood.

The hood would have to protect your head,

If most of my hits, not all, are bad!

But if you’re not home,

Then I’ll just practice on my own!

2 responses to “Poem-3: Father’s Day Poem: Ping-Pong

  1. Funny, funny! I like this poem because it vividly pictures how dad teaches you Ping Pong. He needs to protect himself first! Don’t feel bad if you cannot win him because your dad is the male double champion in Corporate Challenge. But you definitely beat him in poem! Thank you for this special gift on Father’s day!

  2. This poem makes me remember how your dad played ping-pong with me. He is right-handed. But he beat me with his left hand 😦
    Man, he is good at ping pong! How lucky you are to have a great teacher handy and free 🙂

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