Poem-2: Father’s Day Poem: What I Find Slightly Annoying and (Maybe) some Good Things About My Dad

For one thing, you are never here! Always annoyingly  somewhere else!

You weren’t even here to catch that crazy, food stealing mouse!

But that’s for work so I can spare you (maybe) from a lot of complaining,

You know, maybe I was just overreacting.

Then again, you are always wanting me to grow stronger,

don’t you know then I’ll have to grow longer?

For the more muscular I become,

I have to grow longer or I’ll look like a plum!

But you are helpful even though you sometimes are overdoing it,

it helps me in school even if you didn’t teach bit by bit.

You do teach me tennis though and that I like,

but why don’t you take me out to bike?

You like sports but you barely take me along,

there should a law saying “Hey! That’s wrong!”

But after all those slightly annoying things,

There some good things like you might be getting us some swings!

You are funny even though sometimes you make crack up to hard,

I’m glad you’re not fragile like a glass shard.

You always think ahead of time,

but you never come up with a good rhyme.

That is helpful during chess,

but I can win nevertheless.

You are nice but you like to smash mice,

I think the mice wants you frozen in ice!

You  swing me around until I get dizzy,

I’m glad someone agrees on things about that little missy.

I’m talking Elan the sometimes troublemaker,

I’m also glad you are not a baker,

I’d hate eating bread all day,

You take me swimming even in May! (When you could have been golfing)

Many things, good and slightly bad,

I still love you a lot because you are my dad!

One response to “Poem-2: Father’s Day Poem: What I Find Slightly Annoying and (Maybe) some Good Things About My Dad

  1. Very good! Thanks for sharing your feelings with us.

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