Tornadoes, tornadoes, tornadoes …. so scary

Lately we hear about storms and tornadoes almost every day. Sirens went off a few times. Today tornado warning was issued in the morning and students in many schools were ordered to take shelter.

1. Where were you during the tornado warning period today?

2. Were you scared? What do you know about tornadoes?

3. Did you remember what you practiced in the past tornado drills?

4. Do you know about the deadly tornado in Joplin, MO on May 24, 2011?

5. Will you do something to help out the victims of tornadoes?

Terrifying aftermath of the May 24 tornado in Joplin, MO


8 responses to “Tornadoes, tornadoes, tornadoes …. so scary

  1. We were in Topeka, Kansas when it happened. We didn’t do anything. In fact, we were probably walking around the building at highest level right then!

  2. We were in music class, and two of my friends and I were doing our show-off, and we were right in the middle of it when our principal made us go down to the basement, where the fifth and sixth graders have class. Phooey! Anyway, we were there for like an hour! It was so boring. Another one of my friends said that if she died, all of her most valuable possessions were supposed to go to her friend she knew the longest.

  3. School was out for me. Yesterday was a half day. Anyway, I was busy working on my summer packet when my mom said she thought she heard the siren very faintly. Afterwards, my dad called us and said that he checked where the tornados were and one was near Bryan and Andy’s house[some people u probably don’t know] and another near JcPenny where u head toward downtown. That’s all i know

  4. Tornadoes are no fun at all!
    If you do a little search about the tornado history in Kansas, you will find amazing information – if you don’t know by now that this is the type of natural diaster that Kansas gets. I guess this time of the year is the time when Kansas or Missouri is in the national spot light.

  5. same……. except that the teachers let us lay down and sleep in the cafeteria. there was this kid who was crying, “i want myy mom” And there was a waterfall of mucus coming out of his nose. blehhhh2 of my friends had asthma attacks, and me and my friend Emily-Tate almost had heart attacks literally, we went to the nurse!
    There were also these boys who were completely careless and were talking about nukes, mario, bombs, luigi, kirby, and muskets

  6. I was very uncomfortable during the “tornado”. My whole school was packed into our basement, and it felt like I was breathing other people’s carbon dioxide. Then when we went upstairs, it was sunny out – we did all that for nothing! A classmate’s dad actually got a video of a tornado touching down near his company, though!

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