Father’s Day 2011 Essay/Poem/Art Contest

This year the father’s day is June 19th, 2011.  Let’s all do something special for our fathers and/or grandfathers.  The 2011 Father’s Day Essay/Poem/Art Contest rules are as follows:

1. Everyone can choose to submit an essay, a poem, or an art work of his/her own, or do any combination of them.  The entries must all be about celebrating the Father’s Day.

2.  Essay – no more than 500 words including the title. Poem – no more than 200 words including the title.  Art – must be truly your own work. May be a drawing, a self-made card, a photo you took on your own, or even a music you composed yourself. 

3. All entries must be posted on this blog no later than midnight of June 10th.  Art work should be posted by uploading a digital version of it. That means, you take a picture of your art work. Then upload into a blog post of yours.

4. Voting will start from June 7th and end midnight June 15th.

5. Prizes:  In each category, there will be three prizes. 1st place: $10 cash; 2nd place: $8 cash, 3rd place: $5 cash. The categories are: Essay, Poem, and Art.

All participants will get a surprise gift. Maybe something delicious :).  

6. Winners will be announced June 18th, 2011.  We will decide how to give the prizes to the winners.

Will you participate?


10 responses to “Father’s Day 2011 Essay/Poem/Art Contest

  1. Rainbow Moonstone

    Can we draw a mini manga?

    I’m a television kid born in ’51,
    And he’s been MY HERO since it’d all begun.
    I learned what lots of different stuff means.
    We sat on the couch, my Dad and I,
    and watched The MERRY MAILMAN go dancing by.
    TO THIS DAY, my birthday never goes wrong
    when Dad sings (me) JOHNNY JELLYBEAN’S birthday song.
    Though his hair may be thin, and his step not too swift,
    his presence in my life’s been his biggest gift.
    He knows that he’s loved; at least I hope he does know,
    ‘cause without Dad, MY HERO, there just ain’t NO MOE!

    ere’s my FATHER’S DAY POEM..Hope you like it!

  3. I just wrote “Father’s Day Poem: What I Find Slightly Annoying and (Maybe) some Good Things About My Dad”
    Can you write more than one thing?

  4. Thanks for consideration. It also means extra work for you too. Wish to able to help you someway 😀

  5. I SHALL PARTICIPATE! i hav submitted a poem already

  6. Is there any age specific? It will be tough for 6 years old to compete with 10 years old.

    • I agree. Perhaps the kids should specify their age when they submit a post. Or maybe there should be groups such as:
      Lower than 4th grade
      4th grade & 5th grade
      6th grade & up

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