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Last Wed. I went to a circus with my mom. It was AWESOME! I think that the best part about it was the elephants. I felt like I was a teeny tiny ant compared to those big things. The elephants were probably 8 ft. tall! One elephant could fit six or seven kids. During intermission, I got to actually ride one! I also liked the ariel stars. They were amazing! I wish I could be as flexible as them. We spent almost all of our money on a pony ride for my sister, a bag of popcorn, some cotton candy, and the elephant ride. I think all that was worth the money.  Well, maybe the pony ride wasn’t that big of a deal. The circus was great! I can’t wait to go next year again! Maybe next year mommy will use my money. : (

3 responses to “Circus Page

  1. I have never ridden on an elephant before and will most likely never do so in my entire life … but I do wonder how it feels to be high up there ….

  2. I would be scared 2 death!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool!

  3. Just for some background knowledge, an ariel is a cartwheel with no hands. The ariel stars did their ariels on a rope.

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