Daily Archives: May 5, 2011

My best Mom – by Stone

My mom is the best because she is funny in some ways. One way that makes her funny is that when she supposes to hit the ball she doesn’t hit it but when she’s not suppose to hit the ball she tries to hit the ball. She makes me laugh when we’re in bed because she starts tickling me and laying on me. She makes me laugh because when she forgets something she makes a funny sound.

I like my mom’s cooking. I like it because they are my favorite foods. She makes yogurt, bread, cookie cake, and regular cake. (word count =103)

My mom is… – by Diamond

My mom is great,

My mom is the best.

To me of course,

Much better than the rest!

She cooks real good,

Her singing is okay.

She bakes soft cookies,

She just did today!

So maybe she’s crazy,

But only occasionally,

But she’s that one pefect mom,

Just right for me!


I wuv my mommy!!!

(Word count of the poem including title: 52)

My Mom, The Bomb – by Crystal

My mom, is a dangerous bomb,

Ready to explode,

At unexpected times,

With her temper.


But at other times,

My mom is nice,

And gives me praise,

For what I’ve done.


My mom, The Bomb,

Is quite strict,

But she is still my mom,

And I love her.

Mother’s Day Poem – by Quartz

M for the memories I share with you

O for opportunities you’ve guided me to

T for the good times we’ve been through

H for happy moments, me and you

E for everything you’ve helped me do

R for remarkable – that describes you.