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This when they did melt...Yesterday in the hailstorm, The hail was larger than usual. After the storm my mom ran outside and grabbed two medium sized hailstones! Now I keep them in my fridge on the ice cream bucket.This... is before they started to melt...

New Kidnappers in the House part 4

I squeezed my eyes shut, thought for a minute, and opened my eyes. Plan A, turn invisible, I thought. I started to turn bright, brighter than anything you could imagine. I was totally unnoticeable. I crawled on the floor witch turned out to be a terrible mistake. I had been spotted by the teacher. My shoes had been squeaking the whole time I was on the floor

“Radon, get out of that unnoticeable suit of yours,” Mrs. Curium said angrily.

“It’s not a suit it’s just me, I’m a gas and all gases can do this,” I replied.

“Then here’s the rule, no using that ability again. Understand?” She said firmly.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Then get back in your seat, NOW!” Mrs. Curium yelled.

I stomped toward my seat as Mrs. Curium said, “You do not stomp in my class Radon.”

“Fine,” I replied as I looked at the floor ready to punch her again.

Right after I was ready to show some anger the bathroom door flung open in our classroom and water was rapidly getting hurled out like a laser was firin’. I had been caught in that laser. I couldn’t pull my arm out. I felt like bone-breaking was goin’ to happen. Hmm. . . another two suspect, Hydrogen and Oxygen. They make the water. The water had stopped and left a stencil. I checked my arms and legs to see if there was any marks. On my arm there was a message from the stencil. It said: Told ya!

The message didn’t sound nice. I rubbed my arm to erase it.

“Now that was weird,” said Mrs. Curium. “Anybody a good detective?”

Everybody pointed at me. I smiled.

“That’s me detective Radon,” I said.

“Go. Don’t come back ‘til you get the solution back to us,” she said.

“On it,” I said as I headed out the door.

“Wait Radon, what should the school give to you when you finish this case?”

“Just give me the bucks, that’s all I need,” I answered.

I went out the wooden door and started the search for clues. I stared at the ground, bent down, and picked up some shattered glass. So Calcium, Sodium, and Boron the moron must be in this, I thought. Another clue revealed. I walked in to the principal’s office (I’m invisible again) and thought, I probably should follow him home. It was 2:50. Ten minutes ‘til the bell rings to go. I quickly ran to the vice principal’s office and there was Boron the moron sitting in a chair looking at papers. He must’ve been a new staff member, we never had a vice principal ‘til now. I flew to the janitor’s place. Calcium was getting a machine to clean the floor. Right when I was going to see where sodium was, the bell rung terribly loud. I grabbed my bag and headed out the door still invisible. I waited and waited and finally Mr. Fakey came out I followed him trying not to make the smallest bit of sound.

“Whew, it’s so hot in this mask. I gotta kill the principal and tell everyone, then  I won’t have to where this stupid mask again,” he said.

What?! Kill the principal? I gotta get him arrested before that happens. Wait a minute, the Mr. Fakey is Sodium! I have to get Mr. Zinc outta Mr. Fakey’s house. Wonder where Hydrogen and Oxygen are. I kept following him. Wow! He lives in a mansion! I waited until he opened the door. I slid inside and flew upstairs. There was the real Mr. Zinc, Hydrogen, and Oxygen sitting in a corner trying to get out of a thick hard rope.

“What happened?” I asked quietly.

“That thug over there karate chopped the front door of my house, went upstairs, snatched me outta bed, took me here, and tied me in this rope. I gotta get out!” he said.

“What are you bullies up to here?” I asked.

“We were at recess when Sodium came. He asked us to do some dirty stuff. And since we’re called the bullies we agreed. They made us use all our power to make water. That’s how you got that laser of water coming at you guys and gals. We betrayed him ‘cause he made us do that and he tied us with thick rope,” said Hydrogen.

“I’ll get you all out,” I said.

“Thanks,” they all said.

And I tried to untangle them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t.

“I need a knife,” I said.

“So, you need something like this?” said Sodium.

“Ye- wait a second. Mr. Fakey, you are going down!” I yelled.

“Not when I’ve got my soldiers,” he said as many elements popped up from nowhere.

“I’m ready to take you down mister,” I said.