Ten Best Mannered People of 2010

Ten Best Mannered People of 2010

(Source: http://www.nljc.com/bestmannered.htm)

1. Drew Brees – for being positive example and helping New Orleans rebuild.
2. Justin Bieber – for consistently showing courtesy to his fans.
3. Kate Middleton – for the poise and dignity with which she conducts herself in the public spotlight.
4. Jamie McMurray – for the respect he has earned as a NASCAR driver.
5. Elizabeth Edwards – for the grace she displayed in facing life’s greatest challenges.
6. Chilean Miners – for demonstrating optimism under pressure during their struggle for survival.
7. Taylor Swift – for inspiring young people with her music and manners.
8. Sandra Bullock – for setting high standards of excellence as an actress
9. Robin Roberts – for extending warmth and kindness to “Good Morning America” guests.
10. Bill and Melinda Gates – for their example of generosity to those less fortunate

12 responses to “Ten Best Mannered People of 2010

  1. It’s Morse Code.

  2. that’s a lot!

  3. . …_ .. _.. . _. _ ._.. _._ _// _._ _ . …

  4. Yeah, I saw the bio but I didn’t read it.

  5. No…I’m not talking about you. You should know who she is though… K

  6. I have a biography about Bill Gates.

  7. You know, Kate Middleton is getting married tomorrow.

  8. By the way, we heard about Bill Gates in school. There’s like this magazine called Time For Kids (TFK) and he was in there.

  9. Interesting…one of my friends TOTALLY HATES Justin Bieber though….

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