Your Math Olympiad Awards and Certificates

Finally we received the awards and certificates from Math Olympiads. Everyone will be rewarded!  Since we don’t have classes together any more, I would like to ask you to vote whether an award ceremony should be held.  (Note: if you want, we may be able to turn this into a big party 🙂 )
Please vote below.   
If you voted “No” to Award Ceremony, you can pick up your award or certificate in Chinese school on May 1, in the principal’s office.
If you voted “Yes” to Award Ceremony, please keep voting:
Please pick a location too!

5 responses to “Your Math Olympiad Awards and Certificates

  1. Can We do it at Orange Leaf?? They’re totally…… awesssssssome-ssssss=awesome

  2. The awards are at my house right now.

  3. Thank you – Liandra, the Park Ranger, for what you have done for the kids!! You are great! Let’s the kids have fun together to celebrate…

  4. The whole season of Math Olympiad was well organized and well attended. Hats off to all volunteers, parents, and of course, Liyue. The kids had so much fun. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you so much!


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