Foreign language test! (optional)

Yo se llamo Jose! Yo tengo diez anos. Y tu??

What language, And waht does it say??

Konichiwa! Hai,….Ahh… Hai! Arigato Gozaimas!

It ‘s  Japenese, and what does it say, and when would this occur?

14 responses to “Foreign language test! (optional)

  1. The second one is “Hello! Yes,…ahh…yes! Thank you!”
    And I think by “arigato gozaimas” you mean “arigato gozaimasu”.

  2. Sorry, I’m not Cedar.

  3. Oh yeah, I just accidentally typed that.

  4. har har….. i only know a little japanese…. hint. it would be used in a phone conversation

  5. I know the socond one is Japanese.

  6. I dunno wha tha says. I don’t have no clue.

  7. Where did you learn this stuff!???

  8. First one is Spanish. I think it says “My name is Jose. I am ten years old. And you?”

    The second one is “Hello! …” (I don’t know the rest).

  9. What?

  10. Huh? I have no clue! 😀

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