New Kidnappers in the House part 5

“See ya later alligator,” I said with an evil grin (not like villain type evil just . . . evil).

“You’re goin’ down lonely gown,” he said as I giggled.

“You’re not good at this are you,” I said still giggling.

“No, but I am good at this. Soldiers, attack!” he yelled having the evilest grin I’ve ever seen. “Prepare to be wrapped by rope.”

“Well guess what, you’ll never get me,” I said as I turned invisible.

“Where’d he go?” asked Sodium.

“Right here,” I said hovering in the air. “I’ll bet you all my money if you can catch me,” I said as I swooped down rapidly.

“Hah! Bets, they’re one of the worst ways to get money. I’m not takin’ it,” said Sodium. “Soldiers surround him, he won’t be able to get out when we are surrounding him.” “Charge!” he yelled as every one of those elements charged towards me.

I grinned, flew up, and watched them bonk their heads. Ouch! It looked like it would hurt.

“Not so tough now huh Soeddy,” I said.

“It’s not the end yet Raid,” said Sodium. “Gases, get him!”

All the gases flew up and punched me right on my face!

“UU!” I said sounding weird again.

They smashed me on the floor and wrapped me in the same rope the principal and the bullies were in.

“Let go!” I shouted. “You will never beat me!”

“Looks like you’ve just been beaten though. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” he cackled.

I frowned. All the elements that came from nowhere, went back to the place they came from as Sodium walked out the door and went downstairs. I heard something. I felt my pocket. It was my phone and guess who was calling, that darn awesome Magnesium was callin’ right this moment. I answered.

“Hello,” I said.

“Yo what up Raid,” he replied.

“Not much but I am stuck here in a house and I was wondering if you could get me out,” I replied.

“What’s the address?”

“dunno but I do know that it’s close to hote element, ya know that hotel.”

“Yeah, how many houses away is it and should I go left or right?”

“Go to your left three houses, the fourth house I think is it.”

“Got it, thanks.”

“Don’t mention it I’m your bud right?”

“Yeah bud well . . . bye.”

“See ya when you find the house.”


“Bye bud.”

That Magny, he’s so rad. Glad he’s my bud. I waited and waited and waited and waited ‘til there was a RING! At the door. Magny is here! Sodium opened the door. I couldn’t see a thing that was going on down there.

“Put your hands up!” I heard someone shout.

“Okay okay arrest me,” I heard Sodium say.

“Put your hands behind your back, Now!” the unknown person said.

Click! I heard something being clip onto something. Someone came up with a knife. Was it an enemy? Was it a friend? I looked closer. It was . . . Magny!

“I gotta get you guys outta here. Let me cut this rope,” Magnesium said.

Good ol’ Magny, able to trust, rad, and mystery-minded. He’s awesome.

“There you go Mr. Zinc,” said Magnesium. “Raid, it’s time to get you out.”

I waited. Ss rr ss rr ss rr, I heard the knife cut.

“There you go Raid,” said Magny. “Now you bullies get freed. How did you get here anyways?”

“Long story,” said Oxygen.

“Exactly,” said Hydrogen.

“You’re done now let’s go,” Magny said.

“Wait!” I shouted. “I hear something over there.”

I pointed to a table with something that seemed to be a soda can on it. We ran towards the thing. I pulled the soda can thing. It was a secret place! I looked closer. There was someone sitting there wrapped in he same rope and he had a gag in his mouth.

“What got you here?” I asked.

He spit out the gag and said, “I am the boss of Sodium and his crew,” he started. “All I did was take one of Sodium’s cans of soda then he and his crew wrapped me in this rope, put a gag in my mouth and put me here in this secret place.

“Got it, now let’s go,” I said as we headed out the door.

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