New Kidnappers in the house all parts

New kidnappers in the house

Chapter 1

            RING! The recess bell is killin’ my ears, but still, a good time to get some darn fresh air. I jumped out of my big bulky chair and rushed out the hard wooden door. I looked outside finding a small dame (a dame are what we detectives call the ladies) swishing her head wildly looking like she was trying to find something like a stamp for a stamp collection. I stared at her for minutes and minutes and more minutes. She turned her head toward me and trudged to my face. She stared at me for a second.

            “Whata you lookin’ at sis?” I asked.

            “Um . . . private eye-”

            “It’s detective sis,” I interrupted.

            “Um sorry uh we’ll um. . . talk later bye,” She nervously said.

            Those dames, couldn’t get an answer out of them. Their pretty good at running though, she pushed me on my stomach.

            “UU!” I said, sounding very weird. “Next time watch where you push sis!” I yelled.

            My eyes looked down my hand holding my chin, thinking what that dame was going to say. Ideas rushed through my blood vessels, tangled through my nerves and got to my brain. My brain hurt after thinking for the rest of my recess. But that’s alright after all, I’ve done this before and after I’ve done it once, I can do it again better than the last time.

            I found magnesium at the library running up to me asking me, “Do you want to hear a joke? Oh well of course you do. What did the cheese say when some chips ran up to him begging to be dipped in him?”

            “Please stop asking me these-”

“I’m nacho cheese now please go away and find someone else,” he interrupted. “BLAH! HA! HA! HA!” he cackled.

Ugh this sucks I thought to myself.

  I told her about the weird approach of the little dame and some thoughts I had in mind. We decided to start to annoy our teachers and go to Mr. Zincs office to get him to call the dame down and we’d have a chance to talk with this mysterious dame. The plan started as we walked in the walked into the class after library.

“Okay class now let’s start with math, try this problem, 54×96=” she said

I raised my hand holding it still.

            “Can I go to the principal’s office Mrs. Curium?” I asked



            “Because you can’t.”


“It’s against the school rule.”


“Just shut your mouth!”


“That’s it Radon go to the principal’s office!” she shouted.

I gave her a Thanks-Mrs. Curium look and waved. I ran down finding Magnesium leaning by the window of the office. I waved and whispered, “Ready to get this dame in the game?”

“Definitely!” he whispered back.

“We walked in finding Mr. Zinc sitting in his office examining papers.

“Um Mr. Zinc, can you call down this dame called Lithium? I want to talk to her.” I said. (I should’ve told you her name was Lithium)

“Sure Detective Radon,” He picked up his walky-talky and said “Mrs. Arsenic, please send Lithium down to the office,” he said. “Sure thing principal,” she replied.

Lithium arrived after a few seconds. I told Mr. Zinc that Magnesium, Lithium, and I had to have a private talk. Mr. Zinc scooted his chair down to a farther room at the back of the office and closed the wooden door. I asked lithium, “What were you going to ask me during recess?” I asked.

“Um . . . nothing,” she replied looking down at the floor.

“We’re serious tell us now,” Magnesium said.

“Okay fine, this is a case for you. The principal has been kidnapped!” she said.

“Really you think we’d believe you.” Magnesium said.

“No but he really has been kidnapped. I saw the fake principal back in the room over there take off his mask before and say: Whew! It was hot in that mask. Then I didn’t know what to say so yeah,” She said.

“Okay this time you don’t have to pay us, the principal does, we’re on the case.”

Chapter 2

            My day at school was slow, slow as a snail trying to win a million mile race. That means it might never end. As I was listening to the RING-a-DING-DING! of the bell, a paper airplane flew onto my lap. I opened it up and read it. “Hellow Raidon, I now that u now that the prinsipel has ben kidnaped. Bring us over $9,000 of your scool’s muney and well free him. Sinseerlee, The kidnapers.”

            It looks like it’s more than one person, and they probably have very bad grammar. I glanced up at the clock, WOW! Lots of time has past. 2:00 p.m. I sneaked out of line and went office and asked our head custodian, Germanium if he had seen anything different about Mr. Zinc. “No, but there are some knew students and staff workers that just came in,” he said.

                        “Hmmm . . . thanks,” I said.

“Don’t mention it Radon,” he replied.                                                 

Nice, some more suspects. Hope they’re dumb enough that I can make them tell me that they did it, fat chance. I went to get my partner, on the playground. I snatched him out of a game of Elementball and said, “Look, we need to find Mr. Zinc by the day after tomorrow. I have a feeling something bad is getting to him.” Time for a little snooping.

Great, one day of snooping and twelve hours just past, twelve more hours left I muttered as I munched a proton burger. “Any ideas of snooping?” I asked my partner. “Not a- wait a second,” he started. “What ‘bout a stakeout?”

“Hmm. . . great, now where do you and I hide?” I asked.

“The closet,” he replied.

“Sound idea,” I said.

“great now let’s start,” he replied.

FOO! The lunch whistle blew loudly.

It ended up that I didn’t go into the closet. Instead,

I turned myself invisible (I’m a gas so I can do that) and went into Mr. Zinc’s office. Rule number one, never go into Mr. Zinc’s office without any reason unless you can turn invisible. I scanned the office slowly. I walked down to the bathroom. I spotted something silvery and shiny. I picked it up. It was silver make-up! I saw something weird on it as well it said: The promise of being a kidnapper I promise to be hurtful and try to ruin everybody’s day. My heart is full of darkness and I want more of it in there. I try to punch peoples face and I try to make them faint so I can take their money and kidnap them as well!

Nice going fakey I wish you would never have this. I walked around and found something in the closet. Metal suits. Four of them dangled from hooks. One looked like it was a winter coat one was like a jacket one was like a long-sleeved shirt and the other was like a T-shirt. I zoomed out and I told my partner about this stuff.

“Hmm. . . I’ve just thought of this but how did he kidnap him and where did he keep him?” He asked.

“Good point, how he kidnapped him might give us a clue and maybe even will reveal the case,” I said.

“But let’s get to what we know already. He has suits and make-up to make him look like Mr. Zinc.”

“And he has a promise for being a kidnapper,” I finished off.

“That means he has to be wearing a suit, make-up, has to be a kidnapper, and probably has a small gang,” he said.

“I’m guessing that’s correct,” I replied.

Then I saw some little strip of paper sticking out of the trash can and at the top it said: kidnapper’s to do list. I read it. It said 1. Buy suits 2. Get make-up 3. Kidnap principal 4. Lead gang to places 5. Change clothes 6. Collect money when there. sincerely, BOSS! Wow, a boss for Mr. Fakey. Our third clue finally revealed.

Chapter 3

We had our worst class, geography. I never had a clue on what they were talking about.

“Test everyone,” said Mrs. Curium.

What? Test? Crud. I haven’t studied since two months ago. My heart beat really fast, faster than it had before. I closed my eyes making sure I wasn’t dreaming. I opened them and guess what happened, it was real, still. I sat staring at my paper. Good thing it was multiple choice. I didn’t know what to do. I tried this pattern called ABCDCBABCDCBABCDCBA.

When Mrs. Curium graded all the tests, we all got them back and saw our scores. Total FAIL! I got a F, twenty-four percent. I tore it in half, smashed it into a ball, and hurled it wildly in the trash. My anger boiled in my stomach. I marched back to my desk head looking down and fists ready to punch someone into the dump.

“Is something wrong?” asked Mrs. Curium.

“No,” I said softly.

I felt like punching her hard metal face. Better than getting too much anger, I thought. I slammed my fist at her metallic face. BAM! SKADOOSH! KABOOM! I heard my fist go. Mrs. Curium had a dent at the top of her head. I put my hands over my mouth. She stood up, opened her mouth and said, “Go to the principal’s office NOW!” I stood up went out the door and thought, that was fun. I ran down to the principal’s office and then my partner ran up to me looking panicked. “Radon, bad news, I was just walking down spying on the principal. A new staff member came in and put a letter on Mr. Fakey’s lap. I tried to sneak and peek but I was too late, he caught me. And now I’m suspended for a week,” he said.

“So, you don’t have to do all the tests and do all the reading, math, geography, and all those other subjects,” I replied.

“ Yeah, but they won’t even let me work with you on this case we have now,” he said.

“What!?” I replied.

“I know right?” he said sadly.

“Okay then I’ll just have to tackle this case myself,” I said confidently.

“But Radon” he started.

“No buts I’ll do it myself and that’s that,” I interrupted.

“Fine,” he said as his eyes drooped down.

“Now go on to your easy life watching T.V., Playing video games all day and night, and most awesomely, getting to do whatever you want,” I said.

He trudged out the wooden door back home as I headed back to class.

I walked down to class as Mrs. Curium said, “Open your science books to page fifty-four class.”

I took out my science book and opened it.

“Today, we will be talking about protons, electrons, and neutrons inside our bodies,” said Mrs. Curium.

Boring, I thought to myself. Wish we could study something better like maybe . . . electric or fire. I heard her talk about how we all have atomic numbers and each of them are different. I have eighty-six.

“Now class, you might think this is weird or why do we have numbers but I’ll answer why you all have numbers. Your numbers are how many protons and electrons you have in your body, okay,” said Mrs. Curium.

I raised my hand.

“Yes Radon.”

“If we have numbers for electrons and protons, then why don’t we have numbers for neutrons?” I asked.

“Good question Radon ‘cause that’s what I’ll tell you about next,” Mrs. Curium started. “You all have atomic weights as well. An atomic weight is not how many neutrons you have class. When you do something like umm . . . this (s=atomic number n=atomic weight) s-n= would equal to how many neutrons you have, so s-n= number of neutrons inside your body,” she answered. “Now I will tell you your atomic weights,” she said.

I got number two hundred twenty-four. I subtracted. I have one hundred forty-six neutrons. I checked dang I always get it wrong the first time one hundred thirty-six not forty-six.

I turned around, another paper airplane I opened it. It said, Deer, Raidon Bring over da muney or els theans wil git derty. Sinseerlee, da kidnapers.

It already feels dirty to me and when will these villains learn proper grammar? Better start snoopin’ now or we’re not gonna get any further. Time to snoop big time.

Chapter 4

I squeezed my eyes shut, thought for a minute, and opened my eyes. Plan A, turn invisible, I thought. I started to turn bright, brighter than anything you could imagine. I was totally unnoticeable. I crawled on the floor witch turned out to be a terrible mistake. I had been spotted by the teacher. My shoes had been squeaking the whole time I was on the floor

“Radon, get out of that unnoticeable suit of yours,” Mrs. Curium said angrily.

“It’s not a suit it’s just me, I’m a gas and all gases can do this,” I replied.

“Then here’s the rule, no using that ability again. Understand?” She said firmly.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Then get back in your seat, NOW!” Mrs. Curium yelled.

I stomped toward my seat as Mrs. Curium said, “You do not stomp in my class Radon.”

“Fine,” I replied as I looked at the floor ready to punch her again.

Right after I was ready to show some anger the bathroom door flung open in our classroom and water was rapidly getting hurled out like a laser was firin’. I had been caught in that laser. I couldn’t pull my arm out. I felt like bone-breaking was goin’ to happen. Hmm. . . another two suspect, Hydrogen and Oxygen. They make the water. The water had stopped and left a stencil. I checked my arms and legs to see if there was any marks. On my arm there was a message from the stencil. It said: Told ya!

The message didn’t sound nice. I rubbed my arm to erase it.

“Now that was weird,” said Mrs. Curium. “Anybody a good detective?”

Everybody pointed at me. I smiled.

“That’s me detective Radon,” I said.

“Go. Don’t come back ‘til you get the solution back to us,” she said.

“On it,” I said as I headed out the door.

“Wait Radon, what should the school give to you when you finish this case?”

“Just give me the bucks, that’s all I need,” I answered.

I went out the wooden door and started the search for clues. I stared at the ground, bent down, and picked up some shattered glass. So Calcium, Sodium, and Boron the moron must be in this, I thought. Another clue revealed. I walked in to the principal’s office (I’m invisible again) and thought, I probably should follow him home. It was 2:50. Ten minutes ‘til the bell rings to go. I quickly ran to the vice principal’s office and there was Boron the moron sitting in a chair looking at papers. He must’ve been a new staff member, we never had a vice principal ‘til now. I flew to the janitor’s place. Calcium was getting a machine to clean the floor. Right when I was going to see where sodium was, the bell rung terribly loud. I grabbed my bag and headed out the door still invisible. I waited and waited and finally Mr. Fakey came out I followed him trying not to make the smallest bit of sound.

“Whew, it’s so hot in this mask. I gotta kill the principal and tell everyone, then  I won’t have to where this stupid mask again,” he said.

What?! Kill the principal? I gotta get him arrested before that happens. Wait a minute, the Mr. Fakey is Sodium! I have to get Mr. Zinc outta Mr. Fakey’s house. Wonder where Hydrogen and Oxygen are. I kept following him. Wow! He lives in a mansion! I waited until he opened the door. I slid inside and flew upstairs. There was the real Mr. Zinc, Hydrogen, and Oxygen sitting in a corner trying to get out of a thick hard rope.

“What happened?” I asked quietly.

“That thug over there karate chopped the front door of my house, went upstairs, snatched me outta bed, took me here, and tied me in this rope. I gotta get out!” he said.

“What are you bullies up to here?” I asked.

“We were at recess when Sodium came. He asked us to do some dirty stuff. And since we’re called the bullies we agreed. They made us use all our power to make water. That’s how you got that laser of water coming at you guys and gals. We betrayed him ‘cause he made us do that and he tied us with thick rope,” said Hydrogen.

“I’ll get you all out,” I said.

“Thanks,” they all said.

And I tried to untangle them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t.

“I need a knife,” I said.

“So, you need something like this?” said Sodium.

“Ye- wait a second. Mr. Fakey, you are going down!” I yelled.

“Not when I’ve got my soldiers,” he said as many elements popped up from nowhere.

“I’m ready to take you down mister,” I said.

Chapter 5

“See ya later alligator,” I said with an evil grin (not like villain type evil just . . . evil).

“You’re goin’ down lonely gown,” he said as I giggled.

“You’re not good at this are you,” I said still giggling.

“No, but I am good at this. Soldiers, attack!” he yelled having the evilest grin I’ve ever seen. “Prepare to be wrapped by rope.”

“Well guess what, you’ll never get me,” I said as I turned invisible.

“Where’d he go?” asked Sodium.

“Right here,” I said hovering in the air. “I’ll bet you all my money if you can catch me,” I said as I swooped down rapidly.

“Hah! Bets, they’re one of the worst ways to get money. I’m not takin’ it,” said Sodium. “Soldiers surround him, he won’t be able to get out when we are surrounding him.” “Charge!” he yelled as every one of those elements charged towards me.

I grinned, flew up, and watched them bonk their heads. Ouch! It looked like it would hurt.

“Not so tough now huh Soeddy,” I said.

“It’s not the end yet Raid,” said Sodium. “Gases, get him!”

All the gases flew up and punched me right on my face!

“UU!” I said sounding weird again.

They smashed me on the floor and wrapped me in the same rope the principal and the bullies were in.

“Let go!” I shouted. “You will never beat me!”

“Looks like you’ve just been beaten though. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” he cackled.

I frowned. All the elements that came from nowhere, went back to the place they came from as Sodium walked out the door and went downstairs. I heard something. I felt my pocket. It was my phone and guess who was calling, that darn awesome Magnesium was callin’ right this moment. I answered.

“Hello,” I said.

“Yo what up Raid,” he replied.

“Not much but I am stuck here in a house and I was wondering if you could get me out,” I replied.

“What’s the address?”

“dunno but I do know that it’s close to hote element, ya know that hotel.”

“Yeah, how many houses away is it and should I go left or right?”

“Go to your left three houses, the fourth house I think is it.”

“Got it, thanks.”

“Don’t mention it I’m your bud right?”

“Yeah bud well . . . bye.”

“See ya when you find the house.”


“Bye bud.”

That Magny, he’s so rad. Glad he’s my bud. I waited and waited and waited and waited ‘til there was a RING! At the door. Magny is here! Sodium opened the door. I couldn’t see a thing that was going on down there.

“Put your hands up!” I heard someone shout.

“Okay okay arrest me,” I heard Sodium say.

“Put your hands behind your back, Now!” the unknown person said.

Click! I heard something being clip onto something. Someone came up with a knife. Was it an enemy? Was it a friend? I looked closer. It was . . . Magny!

“I gotta get you guys outta here. Let me cut this rope,” Magnesium said.

Good ol’ Magny, able to trust, rad, and mystery-minded. He’s awesome.

“There you go Mr. Zinc,” said Magnesium. “Raid, it’s time to get you out.”

I waited. Ss rr ss rr ss rr, I heard the knife cut.

“There you go Raid,” said Magny. “Now you bullies get freed. How did you get here anyways?”

“Long story,” said Oxygen.

“Exactly,” said Hydrogen.

“You’re done now let’s go,” Magny said.

“Wait!” I shouted. “I hear something over there.”

I pointed to a table with something that seemed to be a soda can on it. We ran towards the thing. I pulled the soda can thing. It was a secret place! I looked closer. There was someone sitting there wrapped in he same rope and he had a gag in his mouth.

“What got you here?” I asked.

He spit out the gag and said, “I am the boss of Sodium and his crew,” he started. “All I did was take one of Sodium’s cans of soda then he and his crew wrapped me in this rope, put a gag in my mouth and put me here in this secret place.

“Got it, now let’s go,” I said as we headed out the door.

Chapter 6

I headed towards my house as I asked Magnesium, “Where’d the criminal go?”

“He got put in the slammer (a slammer is what we call jail),” said Magnesium.

“Woo-Hoo!” I shouted.

“Woo-Hoo,” Magnesium said.

“You stop copying me,” I said.

“I’m just playin’ with ya,” he said.

I walked on to my house and shouted to my partner, “Bye, see ya.”

“See ya,” said my partner as he walked back to his house.

I fell asleep on my comfy bed.

I woke up the next morning feelin’ good. I dressed up, ate breakfast, took my bag, and went outside to the bus stop.

“What up bro,” said Magnesium.

“Not much,” I answered.

“I’m gonna get this answer to the principal and Mrs. Curium.”

“Right let’s do it.”

We walked onto the bus. When we got to school, I told the principal that he had to pay.

“Let’s see what I’ve got. Will a ten buck work?” Mr. Zinc asked.

“Wow! That’s more than I expected,” I said. “It sure would work.”

“It’s yours detective,” he said.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Don’t mention it,” he said.

“See ya.”


I walked to my class and told my teacher, “Case closed.”

“You’re done with it aren’t you,” Mrs. Curium said.


“Thanks detective.”

“It’s my job mam.”

“Yup and you solved this case, you should get something for it.”

“It’s alright mam.”

“Okay, suit yourself.”

I walked and sat at my desk, smiling. I looked at my partner and whispered, “Case closed.”

Then we smiled the rest of the day. Another great mystery finished.

4 responses to “New Kidnappers in the house all parts

  1. Intense…. Can you draw a picture of The Soda Can Place??? 🙂

  2. Excellent! When will you get some illustrations for the story?
    Also, be prepared to tell your story in 3 minutes tomorrow 🙂

  3. Wow that is a long story to me. But I like it as it is like the previous one. The detective got a case and solved case at the end. Keep on writing, pretty soon you will have a book of detective Radon.

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