Combining States and Capitals

On a car ride, my brother and I made up weird things combining two states to make a new one. My brother thought of the states, and I made up the stuff. Here are some examples:

New York+Kansas=New Yansas or Kansork. Capital: Albeka or Topekany.

Nebraska+Colorado=Coloraska or Nebrado. Capital: Lincver or Dencoln.

Colorado+South Dakota=South Colorota or South Dakato. Capital: Denerre or Piver. Note: Piver is pronounced PEE-ver not Pi-ver. Denerre is pronounced Den-AIR not Den-er.

Florida+Louisiana=Louisiorida or Floriana. Capital: Baton Rasse or Tallarouge. Note: Baton Rasse is pronounced Ba-ton Ra-SEE. Tallarouge is pronounced Ta-luh-rooge.

Those are just a few of the ones we came up with. Our favorite state is New Yansas and our favorite capital is Piver.

One response to “Combining States and Capitals

  1. FUNNY! And creative.

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