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New Kidnappers in the House part 3

We had our worst class, geography. I never had a clue on what they were talking about.

“Test everyone,” said Mrs. Curium.

What? Test? Crud. I haven’t studied since two months ago. My heart beat really fast, faster than it had before. I closed my eyes making sure I wasn’t dreaming. I opened them and guess what happened, it was real, still. I sat staring at my paper. Good thing it was multiple choice. I didn’t know what to do. I tried this pattern called the ABCDCBABCDCBABCDCBA pattern.

When Mrs. Curium graded all the tests, we all got them back and saw our scores. Total FAIL! I got a F, twenty-four percent. I tore it in half, smashed it into a ball, and hurled it wildly in the trash. My anger boiled in my stomach. I marched back to my desk head looking down and fists ready to punch someone into the dump.

“Is something wrong?” asked Mrs. Curium.

“No,” I said softly.

I felt like punching her hard metal face. Better than getting too much anger, I thought. I slammed my fist at her metallic face. BAM! SKADOOSH! KABOOM! I heard my fist go. Mrs. Curium had a dent at the top of her head. I put my hands over my mouth. She stood up, opened her mouth and said, “Go to the principal’s office NOW!” I stood up went out the door and thought, that was fun. I ran down to the principal’s office and then my partner ran up to me looking panicked. “Radon, bad news, I was just walking down spying on the principal. A new staff member came in and put a letter on Mr. Fakey’s lap. I tried to sneak and peek but I was too late, he caught me. And now I’m suspended for a week,” he said.

“So, you don’t have to do all the tests and do all the reading, math, geography, and all those other subjects,” I replied.

“ Yeah, but they won’t even let me work with you on this case we have now,” he said.

“What!?” I replied.

“I know right?” he said sadly.

“Okay then I’ll just have to tackle this case myself,” I said confidently.

“But Radon” he started.

“No buts I’ll do it myself and that’s that,” I interrupted.

“Fine,” he said as his eyes drooped down.

“Now go on to your easy life watching T.V., Playing video games all day and night, and most awesomely, getting to do whatever you want,” I said.

He trudged out the wooden door back home as I headed back to class.

I walked down to class as Mrs. Curium said, “Open your science books to page fifty-four class.”

I took out my science book and opened it.

“Today, we will be talking about protons, electrons, and neutrons inside our bodies,” said Mrs. Curium.

Boring, I thought to myself. Wish we could study something better like maybe . . . electric or fire. I heard her talk about how we all have atomic numbers and each of them are different. I have eighty-six.

“Now class, you might think this is weird or why do we have numbers but I’ll answer why you all have numbers. Your numbers are how many protons and electrons you have in your body, okay,” said Mrs. Curium.

I raised my hand.

“Yes Radon.”

“If we have numbers for electrons and protons, then why don’t we have numbers for neutrons?” I asked.

“Good question Radon ‘cause that’s what I’ll tell you about next,” Mrs. Curium started. “You all have atomic weights as well. An atomic weight is not how many neutrons you have class. When you do something like umm . . . this (s=atomic number n=atomic weight) s-n= would equal to how many neutrons you have, so s-n= number of neutrons inside your body,” she answered. “Now I will tell you your atomic weights,” she said.

I got number two hundred twenty-four. I subtracted. I have one hundred forty-six neutrons. I checked dang I always get it wrong the first time one hundred thirty-six not forty-six.

I turned around, another paper airplane I opened it. It said, Deer, Raidon Bring over da muney or els theans wil git derty. Sinseerlee, da kidnapers.

It already feels dirty to me and when will these villains learn proper grammar? Better start snoopin’ now or we’re not gonna get any further. Time to snoop big time.