Movie Report x3

On March 20th, My mom and sister and I went to Palazzo 16 to watch a movie. or movies. I watched Gnomeo and Juliet, which was a huge comedy. So there are these two gnomes, each on a different side, red and blue. They’re at war, and the only way to win is by beating the other team with lawnmowers as races. The 2 gnomes a boy and a girl, well, that turns into Gnomeo and Juliet. My mom watched Lincoln Lawyer, (R) and my sister watched Red riding Hood (PG-13). At the end of my movie, I immediately exited the theatre and went to my sister’s theatre to watch a little Red Riding hood, cuz it was still on. (You are allowed to do this.) I found my sister’s seat and sat with her until it was over. But my mom’s movie was still on. So we went and peeked the rest of I Am Number Four. These Movies Are EPIC! PS……. Who wants to watch Hop? Ooooohhhh, ME ME ME ME!!

3 responses to “Movie Report x3

  1. The movie sounds nice!

  2. This is something you would see in a newspaper:

    Gnomeo and Juliet is classic comedy between two garden gnomes. Two colors of gnomes are at siege, since ever. When two gnomes of different colors meet, the ending is unexpected!!

    Yea something like that, I’ll come up with my own review later……

  3. Good reports! I have not seen any of them. Could you please write a review of the movie you saw? Do you like it? Why?

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