Daily Archives: March 21, 2011

Movie Report x3

On March 20th, My mom and sister and I went to Palazzo 16 to watch a movie. or movies. I watched Gnomeo and Juliet, which was a huge comedy. So there are these two gnomes, each on a different side, red and blue. They’re at war, and the only way to win is by beating the other team with lawnmowers as races. The 2 gnomes a boy and a girl, well, that turns into Gnomeo and Juliet. My mom watched Lincoln Lawyer, (R) and my sister watched Red riding Hood (PG-13). At the end of my movie, I immediately exited the theatre and went to my sister’s theatre to watch a little Red Riding hood, cuz it was still on. (You are allowed to do this.) I found my sister’s seat and sat with her until it was over. But my mom’s movie was still on. So we went and peeked the rest of I Am Number Four. These Movies Are EPIC! PS……. Who wants to watch Hop? Ooooohhhh, ME ME ME ME!!