On March 16th, yesterday, I went fishing with my dad, grandpa, grandma, and brother. The ride took about an hour and a half. When  we finally got there, my dad got out some chairs, bait, fishing rods, and a cooler. He set up a rod and put the minnow on as bait and then I started fishing. I waited and waited and waited and got……………………nothing. The view was spectacular though. There was a dam and water was gushing out of two very wide things. But the rest of the things were closed.  Soon I got bored and started playing with the bucket of minnows. What I did with the rod was I just leaned it against the wire fence. Then, my brother and I started climbing a miniature mountain of rocks. My grandpa was already at the top. We walked along a road  and   I went to the other side. It was a bridge. The view at the top……………’s awesome. There’s a grill way down and an island I think so far away that it’s very faint.  Sorry there aren’t any pictures, I took all of the super cool ones on our D.S.i. and I don’t think you can load pictures from the D.S.i. onto the computer. We went back down, and I checked the rod to see if it still had bait and it did so I kept playing around, walked, ate some chips, drank Gatorade, even skipped lunch! Later, my dad and grandma went down by the river edge to fish. I went down too, and then I went back up to get the bucket of minnows to bring it down to my dad and grandma. I checked on the rod again. It wouldn’t move. Hmmm, I thought. the hook probably got caught on something. But that’s not right. Dad would have gotten it free. So I pulled to check for the bait and then, I saw a fish mouth. I pulled even harder and the fish came into view. My brother was up there with me, so I told him to go down by the river’s edge to get our dad. He went and got my dad and grandpa. My grandpa held the fishing rod, my brother reeled it in, my dad lifted the line, and I watched. That fish was HUMONGUS! He was like an inch and a half thick,  about 11 or 12 inches long, and three, four, or five inches tall! The hook was stuck in his belly, and my dad had to use pliers to get it out! We put him in the cooler and filled it with water. We fished for a little more, and then we went home.

5 responses to “Fishing

  1. I don’t have an SD card, but my dad is getting one for me. I know the D.S.i. has an SD card slot, but the SD card for my dad’s cell phone is too small. My dad told me it is the SD card reader.

  2. Good writing! The fish is delicious!

  3. If you want To upload it on a PC, just put it on an SD card. On PCs, they have special SD card slots. So, just stick it in. If you don’t know how, just ask them. I’m sure they’ll know.

  4. That sounds like fun…I remember the time I first went fishing with my Girl Scout troop. At the time, I couldn’t cast out the line, so my friend “casted” it for me. She took the rod, swung back, and casted it out in an arc. I asked her where it went, and she didn’t know. We followed the semi-transparent line, and found out it got stuck in the tree two feet above our heads! 😀

  5. Wow – can you show us a picture of that Humongus fish?
    Thanks for sharing your outing fun with us!

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