Daily Archives: March 16, 2011

Grossology– the (impolite) study of the human body :)

If you’re going to St. Louis for vacation, I have a great place you to visit!! It is in Forest Park, St. Louis Science Center. You will most likely see signs about it that have fat red heads about to vomit, or an old man looking at a booger on his finger. Eww…………. Here are some picture to describe.

and the red head.

and old man.

But its not all about that! Its disgusting; really, but also fun. check out the rest of the museum too!! Hope you enjoy it!

A Restaurant Review – Aladdin Cafe

The Aladdin Café is a Mediterranean restaurant with the most flavorful, delicious food ever! While dining there, I ate the curry chicken, and it was AMAZING! It was so good! The curry was spicy, but it was just right, and the vegetables that came with the dish were appetizing.

For dessert, I ordered tiramisu. Oh, my gosh, it was the best I’ve ever tasted! Drizzled (well, poured) on top was this delicious, rich chocolate sauce, and I savored every drop of it. The actual tiramisu itself was just as good as the chocolate sauce, maybe a little better! The tiramisu melted in my mouth, and it had the impression of chocolaty mousse. When I ate it, it felt like I was eating a mixture of mousse and ice cream cake.

To complement my meal and dessert, I drank rose lemonade. It had a rather interesting taste. There was nothing special about it – it was just plain lemonade with shredded rose petals sprinkled daintily in the glass. I’d never tasted rose petals before, so a drink made with them was a nice way to sample them.

If you love Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food, you will love Aladdin Café. Their tiramisu and rose lemonade are some of the things you DEFINITELY have to order!

 Author’s Note: I bet you’re hungry now! 😀