the world DOWN BELOW3

        “Oday otnay urthay ymay istersay! Iay hinktay ymay rotherbay ashay omesay icklespay!” Connie panicked.

        In translation, she tried to say ‘Do not hurt my sister. I think my brother has some pickles! The “people” only got the “Pickles” part!

        “What???! Give; NOW!!!” bellowed Lord Burrito Bansickle.

        “Larry?! Give them your pickles, or we’re getting outta here as roast beef!”

        “Fine, yeesh…..”

        He took out a finely polished jar of pickles. It had a shiny red cap. Inside, the pickles were assorted. Some rare and some fair, some small, some big, fat, skinny, they were all there.

        “What zis…” the Lord muttered.

         “This, would be a pickle, dude!”

         Larry took out an orange hankerchief and opened the fancy jar. He presented a pair of tweezers, and carefully drew out a medium sized fat pickle of the jar. He was much prepared, and pulled out a small wooden slab and a cheese knife out of his silver drawstring sports sack. He began cutting the pickles in thin professional slices. Larry brought it over to the Lord who began sniffing the pickles.

       “This? I eat!”

        He took a plastic fork from Larry’s hand and stabbed a pickle slice, hesitated, then wolfed it down a a blink of an eye.

       “Do you really keep all this stuff in there?” Gilda whispered.

       Larry nodded vigorously. He switched his attention to Lord Burrito Bansickle. A hopeful look spread across his face as the Lord chewed another slice.

       Gilda grabbed out her lilac phone with a cheese keychain swaying back and forth. She began typing a description at the speed of light.

the lord thing a mo bobber:

looks ik a burrito lol:)

bug eyes lol

weird mouth dripping with pickle juice lol/ewww

lol accent

       Then she posted it on her reminders. then the screen flashed. Her phone had a habit of searching up everything she typed on reminders on Google, so the screen said: Lord burrito Bansickle?? ??

       Whoa… he’s.. famous?

       The screen listed the most informational sites. The first one was a poem by a teenager, obsessed with texting, you could tell.

lord burrito bansickle lol

never hadda pickle

he hated donuts

that burrito banickle lol :):):)

       Oh wow. wait… she glanced at the clock on the screen Its only been.. 10 minutes???


2 responses to “the world DOWN BELOW3

  1. Lord Burrito Bansickle does NOT seem like someone I want to meet!

  2. Ha ha! 😀 That’s funny!

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