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Searching For An Illustrator

Hi! I am searching for an illustrator for my story The Sky Bugs. If you would like to be my illustrator please let me know.

My favorite teacher contest entry

My favorite teacher is Mrs. Mathieson. Mrs. Mathieson is my favorite teacher because she is kind, understanding, caring, fun, and everything nice you can think of. She ‘s kind because she will help us when ever we need help. You are probably thinking that that’s what all teachers would do. You are right, but Mrs. Mathieson is different. She will help during school, after school, and even late at night when you call her for help.

She also understands others because when we forget to do our homework she will give us a second chance. When we are sad or mad she understands how we feel.

Now for some reasons she is caring. We had a class pet her name was Sugar, she was a rat. We all took turns taking care of her, but without Mrs. Mathieson we wouldn’t have known how. When Sugar was sick she brought her home so she could take her to the vet. A few weeks later, Sugar died.During those few weeks Mrs. Mathieson took care of her everyday feeding her, giving her fresh water, and cleaning her cage. After winter break we got a new class pet. She took care of her the same kind and caring way. Now she is also caring to the environment because on Earth Day we went outside to pick up litter.

Another reason I like her is because she is fun. Mrs. Mathieson would read us stories like No Talking. After we finished reading the book, we had a no talking contest. The no talking contest was just how it was in the book!She can also make reading fun. Some kids in my class hate reading, but it all changed when Mrs. Mathieson let us take tests and earn points. After we earned enough points we could spend it on soda, candy, and much more! She can even make studying for states and capitol fun. We always had 10 minutes before class ended to do a few problem solving questions. It was very fun!

Another   reason Mrs. Mathieson is my favorite teacher because she will always participate in after school activities .  Mrs. Mathieson also went to the Comets’ game on January 28, 2011 when the school choir went to sing the National Anthem. She also helped at the school carnival.

She also taught me a lot of new things. She helped me learn new words like depict or enigma. She taught me all the states and capitols in the U.S.  She also showed me some of the best ways to proofread and write stories.  Mrs. Mathieson show use how electricity works and how to conduct a science experiment.  She taught me so many things I can’t even name all of them!

I wish I could keep on talking about all the things she has taught me, but I will soon reach five hundred words. Those are only some of the reasons why I like Mrs. Mathieson. I could go on and on and fill hundreds of pages if I could.

A Restaurant Review – Cinzetti’s

Cinzetti’s is an All-You-Can-Eat buffet with delicious Italian food. On weekends and weeknights, crepes are cooked fresh, and there are sixteen flavors of ice cream every day. I would recommend eating their pasta, pizza, dessert, and minestrone soup.

The strawberry cheesecake ice cream is the best I’ve ever tasted, and their desserts are rich and chocolatey and they melt in your mouth. I ate a strawberry-banana cream cheese crepe, and it was delicious!  The minestrone soup is perfectly seasoned, and the pastas are paired wonderfully with the sauces.

You should go to Cinzetti’s if you love Italian pizza, pasta, ice cream, and soup. It is the best place for people like me who love good food!

the world DOWN BELOW3

        “Oday otnay urthay ymay istersay! Iay hinktay ymay rotherbay ashay omesay icklespay!” Connie panicked.

        In translation, she tried to say ‘Do not hurt my sister. I think my brother has some pickles! The “people” only got the “Pickles” part!

        “What???! Give; NOW!!!” bellowed Lord Burrito Bansickle.

        “Larry?! Give them your pickles, or we’re getting outta here as roast beef!”

        “Fine, yeesh…..”

        He took out a finely polished jar of pickles. It had a shiny red cap. Inside, the pickles were assorted. Some rare and some fair, some small, some big, fat, skinny, they were all there.

        “What zis…” the Lord muttered.

         “This, would be a pickle, dude!”

         Larry took out an orange hankerchief and opened the fancy jar. He presented a pair of tweezers, and carefully drew out a medium sized fat pickle of the jar. He was much prepared, and pulled out a small wooden slab and a cheese knife out of his silver drawstring sports sack. He began cutting the pickles in thin professional slices. Larry brought it over to the Lord who began sniffing the pickles.

       “This? I eat!”

        He took a plastic fork from Larry’s hand and stabbed a pickle slice, hesitated, then wolfed it down a a blink of an eye.

       “Do you really keep all this stuff in there?” Gilda whispered.

       Larry nodded vigorously. He switched his attention to Lord Burrito Bansickle. A hopeful look spread across his face as the Lord chewed another slice.

       Gilda grabbed out her lilac phone with a cheese keychain swaying back and forth. She began typing a description at the speed of light.

the lord thing a mo bobber:

looks ik a burrito lol:)

bug eyes lol

weird mouth dripping with pickle juice lol/ewww

lol accent

       Then she posted it on her reminders. then the screen flashed. Her phone had a habit of searching up everything she typed on reminders on Google, so the screen said: Lord burrito Bansickle?? ??

       Whoa… he’s.. famous?

       The screen listed the most informational sites. The first one was a poem by a teenager, obsessed with texting, you could tell.

lord burrito bansickle lol

never hadda pickle

he hated donuts

that burrito banickle lol :):):)

       Oh wow. wait… she glanced at the clock on the screen Its only been.. 10 minutes???

Our Trip to St. Louis

Arch Under Blue Sky

The Arch Under The Moon - can you see the moon?

Arch at Sunset - a view from 27th floor

Arch Reflection on the Mississipi River - view from top of arch

Giraffes in St. Louis Zoo

Don't be fooled by looks!

Lizard working out on his upper body ...

Owl on Cactus

Fun at the Money Museum

I want to be a billionaire, so .... bad ...

Acting is Fun! But not as easy as it seems ....

Currency for aliens?

The Pi on Pie – hand made at home!

Home Made!