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The Poison Apple

 It was a normal day. I woke up, got dressed in my favorite jeans and t- shirt, ate breakfast and walked to school, but then everything change.  When I stepped in the classroom, I looked around. I saw animals everywhere- some were running, some were eating, others were playing. Where are my classmates? I thought.

Then suddenly a beaver said “Hey, Faith! It’s me Justin!”  I was so surprised I was sure I jumped 4 feet high.

“Geez, it is still your classmates,” Said a buffalo.

 “Who are you?” I said. “No wait I know. You are Richard. I have to say the buffalo face matches you perfectly.” Then everyone started laughing. Will it was mostly growls and howls but who cares it is still the same thing. After the ‘laughter’ died down I said “I also know why Justin is a beaver.”

“Why” said Justin and everyone else.

“Because you are Justin Beaver.”Then everyone was laughing again. 

“Very funny,” Said Justin while rolling his eyes. While all the animals are ‘laughing’ I looked around the classroom again. Now I can name all the animals. The penguin is Samrina, the gray wolf is Erin, the cat is Emma, and the mule is Samuel, turtle is Marissa, the snake is Annabeth, flamingo is Gabriel, the  parrot is Jacob, then there is Sally the squirrel, Alvin the chipmunk and Perry the platypus.  There is also a chicken named José, monkey named Mary Rose and a goldfish named Cooper. (Who is in my teacher’s coffee mug.)No wait I forgot my teacher, Mrs. Zoroark, is a bear and the principal, Mr. Zory, is a gorilla.

“Hey where is Abby?” I asked.Then suddenly I see a humming bird flying straight towards my face. I ducked down right before she hit my face.

” Sorry” Abby said. ” I’m not use to flying this fast, but in a way you deserved it. How can you forget me? ”

“Sorry, Abby you were too small. No offense Will I found Abby but  I still want to hear how you guys turned into animals!” I exclaimed.

“I will tell the story because I am the principal,” said Mr. Zory. “I got here early in the morning around 6:45 am. I went in to my office at the front of the school. I sat down in my spiny chair and started to spin around and around.” The class started laughing again.  “Hey! Be quiet! You all have detention after school today!” Mr. Zory commanded. “Now where was I … Oh I remember now, after spinning for a while I looked on my desk. I saw a basket of red apples. It had a note on the handle of the basket. It said “Congratulations! You have won the Principal of the Month Award! You have earned yourself 20 apples!” On the bottom of the note there was the letter G.M.W.”  “ After I read the note I brought the apples to Mrs. Zoroark’s room to share because her students’ got the highest score on the Kansas Assessments.” “I walked to the classroom and give everyone an apple. Every one took a bite of the apple and turned into animals. There is still one apple left because you came to school late.”

  Then I interrupted Mr. Zory and said “Wow! That’s weird!”

“Yea, I know, it is weird that the apples turned us into animals.”

“No that our class got the highest score on the Kansas Assessment.”

“Whatever, Now I need to finish telling the story. Wait there isn’t any thing to tell.”

“Hey! Mr. Zory, I have a question. Don’t you ever wonder what G.M.W stands for?” asked Emma.

“No. I think we should search it on the computers. I would search it up if I could but with these fingers I will crush them in no time, said the principal.

“I will search it then.” I said as I went to the computers. I went on the internet and search G.M.W. There were 1 billion results. 

Most results talked about robberies and animals appearing at weird places.  There was always a note that was signed with the letters G.M.W.

Animals appearing in weird places? I thought. Hmmmm. I haven’t seen the Xterment family and the Brown family in a long time. Could they have…..? I suddenly stopped in mid thought.

“Oh, no!” I yelled. ” I remember barks and meows in Mr. Xterment’s house. You all know that Mr. Xterment is allergic to furry animals.”

” There is another problem,” Samrina said quietly. ” I live next to them and I saw the animal control go in to their house.” 

” But where is the Brown family?” I asked