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The Sky Bugs

Hi, my name is Ginny Hula! This is story of how I defeated Mr. Rainy Cloud with love and courage. Mr. Rainy Cloud is a nuisance to all of us, the sky bugs. You see, we live in the sky on the fluffy clouds. We control when it rains and when it snows.

When there is a drought, the crime behind it is Mr. Rainy Cloud. When the earth is in need of water we, sky bugs let the clouds release the rain.  Mr. Rainy Cloud thinks of clever little ways to stop the clouds from releasing the rain. When we stop him and succeed, he gets mad and pours tons of water over our village. Almost everything is destroyed.

One day Mr. Rainy Cloud got SUPER mad. The rain made a horrible pour down. It was a disaster. Our house usually doesn’t fall down after the pour down but this time it did. That was when I could take it no longer. So here, my story begins.

“Yummy! What are you cooking mommy?” I asked. “It’s a surprise.” She answered. I helped set the table as mom brought out my favorite, cotton candy soup. “I got the cleanest and fluffiest clouds to make this soup.” My mom said, “I hope you like it.” “Yum Yum!” my two-year-old sister Lilly exclaimed. Just as we were enjoying our dinner, my mom’s phone rang. “Oh!” my mom called. “I’ll be right back”

My mom came back in with a worried look on her face. “Harold, come quick!” she called to my dad. “What is it Julia?!” my dad answered as he stepped out of the study room. My mom whispered something in his ear. “Oh, wow.” He said afterwards. “They need rain already?” “Okay Ginny, I’m leaving Lilly to you. Take care of her and don’t you dare step one foot outside.” My mom told me. “Come on Harold” and the door closed.

“Ma Ma!” Lilly cried. “Ma Ma will be back” I assured her. I took my mom’s place feeding her and playing with her. Lilly and I were having a good time playing peek-a-boo as the door opened.

“Hurry, grab all your belongings” my mom said. She looked like she was about to be a rainbow lion’s late dinner. “It’s Mr. Rainy Cloud isn’t it?” I asked as we walked out of the village. I’ve done this before. You go far enough so that the water doesn’t get on you and when it’s over you come back and fix all that you can do. My mom nodded her head. “He got humiliated pretty badly.” My mom said. “Well he deserved it” I said firmly. “What kind of stupid idea did he come up with this time?” I asked. “Held a gigantic flower pot underneath us and caught all the water.” My dad growled.

“Finally!” I said panting. We collapsed on a bench in a near by village. I watched our village as tons and tons and tons of water splashed down. My face was twisted with worry. “Wow.” I thought “He’s never done this big of a pour down before.” My mom must have seen my face because she said, “Don’t worry. Our house is strong. It hasn’t fell down once for as long as I can remember.” That made me feel better but seeing that gigantic pour down, I wasn’t so sure.

When it finally stopped, we walked back to our community. I was anxious to see how our house was going to turn out. I could not believe what I saw. 10 years of building that strong, sturdy, and beautiful house, all down the toilet. Our house was TOTALLY ruined. I heard a loud cackle behind us. Anger burned up inside me. I couldn’t hold it anymore. “YOU!!!” I shouted charging after that Mr. Rainy Cloud. “Ginny!” my parents cried but it was too late. I bit him hard on his arm as he howled with pain. “You little midget!” he spat. Mr. Rainy Cloud grabbed me and flung me over what was still standing up from our house and I landed into all that mess.

I was sooo angry that I bet there would have been steam coming out of my ears. I was so mad that I could not think. Then, all of a sudden, a memory came to me. I was five years old and my mom and I were snuggling together in the bed. “What is Mr. Rainy Cloud’s worst fear Mommy?” I asked my mom “Well… I guess that would be love. Love is what all villains fear honey.” My mom answered. Then with the memory fresh in my mind, I came up with a plan. I walked towards Mr. Rainy Cloud thinking of that great revenge. “Coming back for more?” Mr. Rainy Cloud sniggered. “Ginny!” my parents tried again.

“Listen!” I whispered I have a plan. “No Ginny. Don’t you dare!” my mom replied. “Come on!” I whined, “Who wants to see Mr. Rainy Cloud disappear?” “Fine.” My mom sighed. And before you could say love I started right on my plan “Oh, Mommy! I love you so much!” I cried my mom seemed to get what I meant because she smiled and said, “I love you too.” “Stop!” Mr. Rainy Cloud moaned clutching his head, “You’re giving me a headache!” but I wouldn’t listen. “And aren’t you a sweet little girl?” I said to Lilly. Lilly didn’t know what was going on but she giggled and said, “Ma Ma, Ginny.” Hugging us as she said our names. “Ahhhh!” I turned to around to see who was screaming and I just managed to get a glimpse of saw Mr. Rainy Cloud running away, never to return again.

And that’s how I defeated Mr. Rainy Cloud.

New Kidnappers in the House part 2

            My day at school was slow, slow as a snail trying to win a million mile race. That means it might never end. As I was listening to the RING-a-DING-DING! of the bell, a paper airplane flew onto my lap. I opened it up and read it. “Hellow Raidon, I now that u now that the prinsipel has ben kidnaped. Bring us over $9,000 of your school’s money and well free him. Sinseerlee, The kidnapers.”

            It looks like it’s more than one person, and they probably have very bad grammar. I glanced up at the clock, WOW! Lots of time has past. 2:00 p.m. I sneaked out of line and went office and asked our head custodian, Germanium if he had seen anything different about Mr. Zinc. “No, but there are some knew students and staff workers that just came in,” he said.

                        “Hmmm . . . thanks,” I said.

“Don’t mention it Radon,” he replied.                                                 

Nice, some more suspects. Hope they’re dumb enough that I can make them tell me that they did it, fat chance. I went to get my partner, on the playground. I snatched him out of a game of Elementball and said, “Look, we need to find Mr. Zinc by the day after tomorrow. I have a feeling something bad is getting to him.” Time for a little snooping.

Great, one day of snooping and twelve hours just past, twelve more hours left I muttered as I munched a proton burger. “Any ideas of snooping?” I asked my partner. “Not a- wait a second,” he started. “What ‘bout a stakeout?”

“Hmm. . . great, now where do you and I hide?” I asked.

“The closet,” he replied.

“Sound idea,” I said.

“great now let’s start,” he replied.

FOO! The lunch whistle blew loudly.

It ended up that I didn’t go into the closet. Instead,

I turned myself invisible (I’m a gas so I can do that) and went into Mr. Zinc’s office. Rule number one, never go into Mr. Zinc’s office without any reason unless you can turn invisible. I scanned the office slowly. I walked down to the bathroom. I spotted something silvery and shiny. I picked it up. It was silver make-up! I saw something weird on it as well it said: The promise of being a kidnapper I promise to be hurtful and try to ruin everybody’s day. My heart is full of darkness and I want more of it in there. I try to punch peoples face and I try to make them faint so I can take their money and kidnap them as well!

Nice going fakey I wish you would never have this. I walked around and found something in the closet. Metal suits. Four of them dangled from hooks. One looked like it was a winter coat one was like a jacket one was like a long-sleeved shirt and the other was like a T-shirt. I zoomed out and I told my partner about this stuff.

“Hmm. . . I’ve just thought of this but how did he kidnap him and where did he keep him?” He asked.

“Good point, how he kidnapped him might give us a clue and maybe even will reveal the case,” I said.

“But let’s get to what we know already. He has suits and make-up to make him look like Mr. Zinc.”

“And he has a promise for being a kidnapper,” I finished off.

“That means he has to be wearing a suit, make-up, has to be a kidnapper, and probably has a small gang,” he said.

“I’m guessing that’s correct,” I replied.

Then I saw some little strip of paper sticking out of the trash can and at the top it said: kidnapper’s to do list. I read it. It said 1. buy suits 2. get make-up 3. kidnap principal 4. lead gang to places 5. change clothes 6. collect money when there sincerely, BOSS! Wow, a boss for Mr. Fakey. Our third clue finally revealed.