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VERE Strikes (Part 3)

It was quiet and dark. The element they sent to rob the bank had a flashlight. He seemed to be nervous. I would be nervous too, if I was to rob a top-security bank. I soon figured out which vault in the bank he was going to rob. It was the one with heaps of diamonds, piles of crystal, and mounds of every gem you can imagine. The element looked around before entering and, as quick as a wink, I slipped in through the vault door while he looked around. When he was sure nobody had seen him, he slipped in too.

“Freeze!” I shouted. He looked around startled, as I slipped a rope around him.

“Let me go! Let me go!” he yelled.

“Not until you tell me who you are!” I declared. Firmly.

“Well, I’m probably going to jail whether I tell you or not.” He said.

“Well, who are you?” I asked.

“I’m Bismuth.”

“Well, I’ve never known you to be crook. As a matter of fact, I’ve never even heard of you. But anyway, we’re going to the police station.” I took him out of the vault. We went out of the bank at the end Nickel was guarding. “I’ve got one of the V.E.R.E. here.” I told Nickel. “Come on, let’s go.”  Then we went to the police station. “I’ve got one of the V.E.R.E. here.” I called.

“Hello, Detective Cobalt. Oh and hello Nickel. And who else is with you?” said Arsenic.

“Arsenic, this is Bismuth, a member of V.E.R.E.” I explained. “The V.E.R.E. sent him in to rob the bank. I found him inside the vault.”

“Oh.” Arsenic said. “How did you know that they sent him in to rob the bank?”

“Well”, I said. “You know I told you I was going to Nickel’s house for a mystery. Well, the mystery was that someone tall and wearing a ski mask broke into his house somehow and took about 30 dollars from his wallet. When the thief saw Nickel, he or she jumped out the window, landed in his flowerbed and slid off leaving them wilted toward Carbon Boulevard. I examined the flowers and the flowerbed and found that glass was on the flowerbed and around it. Nickel showed me a note that said something like………. I can’t remember it but it was a code. When I figured out the code, it said ‘Robbery of bank at midnight or hand over $1,000,000 tonight!’ So then, we went to Iron and borrowed all this equipment. Then we waited and finally the thieves came. They argued about who to send in to rob the bank and finally sent in Bismuth.” Arsenic seemed to be thinking about it.

“Okay.” was all he said. “You can go. Good job.” So we left the police station.

“Let’s go visit Iron and say thanks for letting us equipment.” I said.

“Okay.” said Nickel. “But next time, I hope our adventure is more fun and exciting.”

Today is Dr. Seuss’ Birthday (Mar. 2)

What are your top 3 favorite Dr. Seuss books?