Father Daughter Dance

Last night my dad and I went to a father daughter dance for girl scouts. Daddy said that he cannot dance but I think he did a good job! He almost didn’t want to go! When we danced he just twirled me around, nodded his head and all that. But he was better than some dads who just walked around.

My dad wore a silvery blackish mask that only covered his eyes. He looks like a raccoon when he wears his mask. He also has a black sweater with dark pants. I had a red mask with black outlines around the eyeholes.  On the top, there are big black poofy feathers. I don’t really like my mask because I look like a devil when I wear it. I also had a red dress with a black sweater. My dad and I were supposed to look like a pair.

The dance was a blast!! I saw many of my friends dancing with their dads too. They all had very pretty masks. When I first walked in it was like a rainbow! I never knew there would be so many colorful faces at the masquerade ball! I got a recorder thingy for taking the time to get an exciting mask. I thought that creepy devil face wouldn’t win anything but I guess I was wrong! [I like my regular recorder better.]

At the end, I made a little swap. You could decorate a little mask. It was still a little sticky when we were getting ready to leave. After all of that hard work I could not believe what happened. Right when I put on my jacket I noticed my swap was missing. Then I saw it. I took it of my mask and a big strand of some black poofy feathers stuck to it! I had a great time dancing with my dad.

3 responses to “Father Daughter Dance

  1. Good job at recording what is happening in your life! Your dad is a brave one as I know not every dad would go to this event.

  2. Very nice! I really wish to see the picture of you and your daddy dancing in your costume. I think all daddies must know how to dance nicely so they can swirl gracefully with their daughters at father daughter dance party.

    Personally I like this kind of story much better because they are real. Thank you very much!

  3. Sounds very fun…….. Our school has not had the daddy daughter dance yet.

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