Group Tour to Money Museum Mar.14, 1:30pm

Thanks for all who voted on the date and time of the group tour to the Money Museum.  Unfortunately, the majority voted date, Mar. 11, is not available any more.  But I was able to reserve the spot on Mar. 14 at 1:30pm.  I also requested a presentation for our group after the guided tour. 

Therefore, on March 14, 1:30pm, parents, please take your kids to 1 Memorial Drive, located on the west side of Main Street and south of the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri. Detail directions are at: 

Please arrive by 12:50pm to allow plenty of time for security and check in process. The guided tour starts at 1:30pm. The presentation is after the tour and is about 30 minutes long.  After that, you can still stay in the museum exhibit area. 

Please review the security procedure and parking instructions at



5 responses to “Group Tour to Money Museum Mar.14, 1:30pm

  1. Is this group tour full?

  2. Is the group tour full? Could I bring my daughter to the group tour next Monday?

  3. hi mom, I’m at school, but thx for telling me this!!!

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