Fantasy Fiction

Fantasy Fiction

No one can resist the temptation of a Harry Potter once one gets the glimpse of the fantastic world of brave heroes, life-and-death situations and the magical kingdom. It is difficult to ignore the impossible and the improbable once we are part of the amazing maze of wands, and magic chants and talking animals. The unicorns and Lord Voldemort will effortlessly capture the imagination of the young minds.

Some of the very frequent and mostly-used topics of the fantasy fictions are dragons, all kinds of mythical animals like goblins, trolls, leprechauns and unicorns. The main composition contains elements of magic and supernatural things and the magic is woven through words and settings. No Harry Potter would be possible without the Hogwarts School and anything will be possible when one has companions like Hermoine and Ron. In other words impossible is possible in the fantastic world and fiction seems to be stranger than truth.

The mostly used subjects for fantasy fictions are the eternal conflict between good and bad, dark lord who is responsible for the destruction and havoc in the world. Of course one cannot miss magic which is responsible for all the changes and happiness. Even some of the folklores and romance are taken as the basic elements for the fantasy fictions.

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