Writing Rubric


Focused, clear, specific. It keeps the reader’s attention.


a) I know a lot about this topic and added interesting tidbits.

b) I showed what was happening instead of telling.

c) My topic was small enough to handle.

d) I can easily answer the question, “What is the point of this paper/story?”

e) I have a beginning, middle, and end.


Extremely clear, visual, and accurate. I picked the right words for the right places.


a) My words are colorful, snappy, vital, brisk and

fresh. You won’t find overdone, vague or flowery


b) All the words in my paper fit. Each one seems just right.

c) Look at all my energetic verbs! (actions words like run and throw)

d) Some of the words and phrases are so vivid the

reader won’t soon forget them.


Mostly correct. There are very few errors in my paper.


a) My spelling is accurate.

b) I have used capitals correctly.

c) Every paragraph is indented to show where a

new idea/speaker begins.

d) Periods, commas, exclamation marks, and

quotation marks are in the right places.

e) My grammar/usage is consistent and shows control.

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