Let’s Join In the MMXI Ricebowl Challenge Feb. 6 – 12

Hi there! Are you watching Super Bowl XLV right now? We can have a bowl challenge too!  Please join in the MMXI Ricebowl Challenge (Feb. 6 – 12), play intellectual games, raise rice and beat global hunger, and have fun at the same time!

You go to www.freerice.com and either:

1) Login as: KS_shinygems2011, Password: kcshinygems2011
Play the vocabulary game. The grains of rice you win will be part of the group total.  No individual totals.  OR

2) Sign Up with your parent’s address, use your blog name as the username on freerice.com, join our group “KC Shiny Gems Club“. The rice you earn will be included in our group total, and will also show as your individual total.   NOTE: it will ask for your birthday date and require your parent permission.

Our group is in the challenge and competing with other groups in the world.  The screen shot below shows that “Diamond” has signed up and joined the group. We hope to see you there too!  Please tell your parents to allow you because this game is a vocabulary game and has the good cause too!

7 responses to “Let’s Join In the MMXI Ricebowl Challenge Feb. 6 – 12

  1. When you log in using “KS_shinygems2011” or your own username, please select group name “KC Shiny Gems Club” before you play the game. This way, the grains you earned will be included in the group’s count.

    As of today, the username “KS_shinygems2011” has earned 11140 grains!
    But only 3790 grains were included in the group “KC Shiny Gems Club”. The group has donated 3980 grains as of now.

    Good job!

  2. Ooh…..

  3. Yikes…I don’t know if I’ll have time this weekend! But I’ll try. Go Shiny Gems! Go Shiny Gems! Go Shiny Gems…!

  4. YAY!!!!! Everyone better play it then.

  5. Go Shiny Gems! Let’s beat other teams!!

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