Cheddar Moon – Chapter 2

       Readers, do you remember when my relatives said that everything was different in the outside world? It certainly was. After leaving the house where I had spent my entire childhood, I had stood outside in the dark, dim light of the world when it was sleeping. There was not a sound, just the calm, warm resonance of lake water lapping at the shore, the scent of a summer breeze being carried through the trees, sending blankets of soft, green leaves down onto the carpet of green grass. I stood outside for nearly one hour, breathing the scents of summer beauty, admiring all that I could see at one time. Finally, lying in the shelter of a tall, sturdy maple tree, I fell asleep, comforted by the smells and sounds of nature.

       In the morning, I awoke to the sounds of birdcalls. I had never before heard them, because my home had been so isolated from nature. I watched the sun rise from the horizon, watched the darkness of night fade, to be replaced by the vivid, bright golden colors of dawn. I slowly climbed up the maple tree, and sat on the lowest branch to eat my breakfast. I was so immersed in watching the sun rise that I did not notice an angry bird squawking and screeching above me.

         The bird turned to its nest, reached in, then dropped a squirming, wriggling worm square on my head. I shook it off in anger, then threw it with all my might to where the bird was. The worm was too heavy for me, and I dropped it onto the carpet of green grass surrounding the tree. The bird fluffed up its feathers in contempt, then flew away to get more food for its chicks. I heaved a sigh of relief, then gradually slid down the tree trunk. I kicked the worm away, where it wriggled twice then stopped moving.

           Sitting on the bag I had brought with me, I began to plan things out. I found a piece of tree bark which I used for a notebook to plan my journey, and I found some sticks to use as a calendar. I went back to the maple tree to grab more tree bark, and I stuffed the pieces into my bag. I found two old, rusted bottle caps, and I attached them to the bark pieces to make a wagon. I held everything together with some tree sap, and I put my bag onto the wagon. Now was the time to gather materials, I thought to myself. I should make use of the daylight while I have it.

       Pulling my wagon, I searched the base of the tree for any materials I could use to write with. With no luck, I sat down, brainstorming. My eyes wandered to the decaying worm, and I leaped onto my feet. I raced to the top of the tree as fast as I could, and sat on the highest branch. Looking down at the abandoned bird’s nest, I measured the distance with my eyes, and jumped. I landed on the very edge, but my weight caused the nest to tip over, and it sailed gracefully in the air before landing several feet away from my wagon. Panting with the effort, I slumped against the nest, trying to catch my breath. Once I had restored my energy, I hauled the wagon to the nest, and piled the eggshell bits into the wagon. The dried-up eggshells would work perfectly as chalk, and when I used up one piece, I still had some to spare. I counted the shell bits, and recorded it in my tree bark journal. Exhausted from all the muscle-stretching work I had done – building a wagon was no easy task – I ate a simple lunch and fell asleep. A day’s work had been done.

5 responses to “Cheddar Moon – Chapter 2

  1. Your story is great! Keep writing!

  2. AWESOME!! And somewhat hysterical! …….. :):) :I

  3. What a great story and full of imagination. Do you like Stuart Little? Your story reminds me of that little and cute mouse. Keep the good writing and don’t let your readers wait too long.

  4. What an awesome story! Incredible descriptive details. Some parts I could even picture the scene you describe. You are an amazing author. I do have some small questions (hope you don’t mind).
    1. In the 1st paragraph, when I first read it, I felt that the setting was in a dark night. But the last sentence says “lying in the shade of a tall … maple tree…”. I was a little confused how you could see the “shade” of a tree in a dark night. Perhaps it was rather the “shadow” of the tree from the “dim light”?
    2. In the 2nd paragraph, I have to say that the bird was mean to drop a worm on your head! Excellent description. But I couldn’t believe it that the worm was too heavy for “me”. Of course I assumed that the bird was small size and “I” were a human being. It’s been so long since I read the chapter 1 of this story. I would suggest you not wait too long to post …. your readers will forget 🙂
    3. This entire chapter does not mention anything about moon. It makes me wonder, wonder, and wonder … Is this by intention so there is a suspense to make the readers want to read more … If so, it is a good one! I really like the title of the story – very interesting …

    • Dear Park Ranger:
      Thanks for all the helpful hints. When the bird dropped the worm, the worm fell on Charles’ head. But because this is a story, I decided to make it so that the worm was too heavy for Charles to carry.

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