The Storm in a Friendship Part 6

“You don’t understand–” The man began.

“Obviously!” I was becoming rather impatient.

“Okay, okay. I am the guardian of your necklace–I mean; your pen.” The man glanced around nervously.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I insisted on knowing.

“Slow down! And please stop interrupting. I am the guardian of your pen. But I used to be the guardian of the necklace which is your pen, but it was necklace in the last generation.”

“What?! This doesn’t make any sense!”

“Before I go any further, I must explain that I don’t have much time. I can only appear in the rain, so I must hurry. I am part of a chain of brothers, you see? Called Rain Brothers. And all of us brothers look exactly the same.” The man was clearly trying to calm me down, though he didn’t seem so calm himself.

“Okay.” I glared at him.

“Each brother lives for exactly a century. And after a century, another brother reappears in the next entury. Got it?” The man twitched nervously.


“Each brother is a guardian of your pen, which changes to suit the generation’s surrounding.”

“So the pen changes into other things every generation?”

“Correct. Last century, it was a necklace. I was the guardian of the necklace. I’m supposed to be gone by now, but the true guardian of your pen supposedly ‘quit his job’. He shouldn’t have sold you the pen. So I have lived on until this century.”

“Okay. So it wasn’t you who sold me the pen a year ago?”
“No, it was actually my brother. But we all look the same, so I kind of had to convince you that it was me earlier.”


“Oh, never mind. Anyway the pen only works if you’ve shared a true friendship with someone else.” The man looked at me, and I instantlythought of Katie.

“I’m assuming that you’re going to ask what the pen does?” The man inquierd.

“No. I, unfortunately, do know what happens when I write with the pen.” Then, the man looked around nervously, as if someone was watching, and he told me not to say anymore.

“So, since you know, and in your case, unfortunately, I would be glad to have it back.”

“Of course not.”

“Well, my brother of this century passed it on to you carelessly as he decided to sell it at a stationary shop.”

“That’s right.”

“So I need it back. He was supposed to keep it. A great prophecy will befall us soon.”


3 responses to “The Storm in a Friendship Part 6

  1. This is a really good story! You should definitely finish this! 😀

  2. Please write more!

  3. OMG! You should really write some more on this story. It’s so good 🙂

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