Maple Story it’s your story


Are you a person that dreamed of fighting with a sword or ax? Are you a person that wants to cast spells and heal allies? Are you a person that has perfect aiming? Then try Maple Story, it’s a online game that you can be anything you dreamed of like a archer, warrior, ninja, pirate, or a mage. You can make friends and parties to defeat bosses like the black mage, the mushmom, or the old snail.

If you want to play, go to maplestory or nexon and start making a account and play.

(When you are making you account remember the birthday, last name, and the password) And I will meet you there.

Try playing other games from nexon and remember make your account birthday is at least 15 years old.

5 responses to “Maple Story it’s your story

  1. Hmmmmm…… Interesting. My friends are all (well, most of them are) talking about it. Is it really fun?

    • It is fun you can be what ever you want and their doing the new year celebration too.

      • Almost forgot you can other games from nexon by using you maplestory account ( actually the nexon game account is a passport to any game from nexon you just need to remember your username, password, the account’s birthday, and the lastname.)

    • For the third and last time I’ll reply is that you can be a Mage, Warrior, Pirate, Thief, Archer, Duel Blade, Dawn Warrior, Blaze Mage, Thunder Cracker (Pirate), Wind Archer, Dark Thief ( I think), Aran, Evan, Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, and Mechanic.

  2. I don’t know……… Maybe I’ll get an account on Maple Story.

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