The Storm in a Friendship Part 3

Sorry this took so long, but here is part 3 of The Storm in a Friendship.

My Lightning Bolt Blue sat on my desk, separated from all my other pens and pencils. I picked it up and ran my fingers over the smooth blue surface. I scribbled on the back of my hand. Then I looked at it and smeared it away. Whenever I wrote with this pen, I was reminded of Katie. Not only because she bought it for me the spring of last year, but because of what happened two weeks after I got it. Lightning flashed outside again. The thunder was now distant, but the rain was still heavy. The grass sparkled in the light of the streetlamp. I closed my eyes and fell into a fitful sleep.

Morning arrived and a faint hint of the sun’s rays peeked out from under the thick clouds. I hid under the covers. It was still raining, but only a light sprinkle settled upon the house. There were only three days left of spring break. The sun blinded my eyes and I pulled the covers off my head and turned away from the sun. Climbing out of bed, I picked up my blue pen again and took a notebook from my desk.

Over spring break, Ms. Reynolds had asked us to write an essay about our most memorable friendship, and yet, I hadn’t written a word.

I didn’t mind writing about something that had already happened. The pen didn’t work like that. The first thought that came to me was Katie. I wrote about how we did everything together, how we shared everything together.

I saw Katie and me licking tall ice cream cones, shivering from the freezing mixture of flavors, and laughing at Katie’s chocolate covered nose. And I saw us racing down the street , past the red and yellow trees, our hair wild in the wind.

But then we had a fight. And I never saw Katie again.

And there is part 3 of the story. I’ll probably post part 4 tomorrow, as it’s a snow day, or I’ll just post again later today. (:

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