The Obstacle Course Race

The obstacle course race.

Everybody wants 1st place.

The judges yell “Go!”

The first part is low.

Jump over the hurdles,

Some kids are like turtles.

Around the track,

Oops! Got held back!

Crawl through the tunnel,

Shaped like a funnel.

Racing toward the end,

just around the bend.

It’s a tie!

The prize is pie!

6 responses to “The Obstacle Course Race

  1. I love this fun one!! I wonder if I run like a old turtle too.

  2. I like the prize, “The prize is pie!” It would be perfect if there is a drawing with the poem.

  3. Thanks for suggesting I should send it to Highlights! I haven’t sent it yet. Maybe I will.

  4. This is SO FUN! You should send this to Highlights magazine! Here’s the link for the guidelines:

  5. Cool poem!

  6. Ha ha, “Jump over the hurdles, some kids are like turtles.” Cool poem!

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