Snowfurball – A little bunny that died

Snowfurball was my pet bunny. She had fur as white as snow and had two long pink ears. Her eyes were black with red circles around them. Her soft, fluffy tail was like a white bundle of fur. She was a small thin bunny and her eyes always shone when she saw food. We named our bunny Snowfurball because her fur was as white as snow and she was like a ball of fur. Snowfurball used to live on our porch. Whenever Snowfurball saw us she used to run to the porch door and stand on her hind legs, placing to front paws on the glass door looking at us. We used to take her outside onto the grass and play with her. We gave her grass and flowers. She would nibble them and sniff for more. When Snowfurball ate, she would sit on my lap. My sister and I taught Snowfurball tricks like following us and standing up her hind legs. Snowfurball brought us joy.

How Snowfurball died.

We had brought Snowfurball to travel with us since we didn’t want to leave her alone in our house in China. When we were heading back to our home in China, we put her in a cage. The cage didn’t have enough air and that’s how Snowfurball died. Suffocation. We didn’t know Snowfurball didn’t have enough air until we arrived home. I was taking Snowfurball out of her cage when I noticed something was wrong. Snowfurball was all limp in my arms and when I set her down she couldn’t even stand. She  flopped around like a fish when you unhook it and lay it on the ground. I was scared. Scared of what was going to happen to Snowfurball. Then, quite suddenly, Snowfurball stopped moving. That’s when I realized Snowfurball was gone. Gone forever. I sat there in shocked silence. When I had time to pull things over, I started to cry. You won’t believe how sad I was. The tears ran down my face like a flooding river. Then my mom advised me to write about Snowfurball and that’s what I did. My tears became a part of the original parchment as I wrote about Snowfurball. Even now, I remember the day Snowfurball died quite clearly. She was my first bunny and one of my favorite bunnies.  We all love Snowfurball even though she’s gone from us.

9 responses to “Snowfurball – A little bunny that died

  1. poor thing. Do you still have another pet?? lol. lolli. lollipop

  2. Sad story. I bet Snowfurball brought lots of joy to your family.

  3. I like all the details you used to describe your bunny. It’s a sad story, but I like the way you wrote about it. I could visualize all the details.

  4. Great description!

  5. Such a touching story! I love your use of imagery! I had a bunny once, too. His name was precious. They are so sweet!

  6. Sad story but good details! I can imagine cute little Snowfurball.

  7. Cute Snowfurball……… I can see it and imagine it eating those plants you gave it.

  8. Yes, very vivid description on your cute bunny pet, I am sure it brought your family lots joy and good memories…and Yes, I want to see the pic of Snowfurball as well…Thanks for sharing your pet story…

  9. Excellent description of your pet bunny. When I read it, I could feel its soft fur and I could even see how much fun you and your sister had with it. I bet all readers of this story would like to see a picture of Snowfurball. But how did it die? It is so sad!

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