4 Seasons

Summer, summer is so fun!

Grill some hot dogs on a bun!

Keep drinking fresh lemonade,

 You also need trees for the shade.


Autumn, autumn, leaves will fall,

Cold is starting but that’s not all.

Go rake your leaves into a pile,

Then jump in with a great big smile!


Winter, winter is so white,

Make a fort and have a snowball fight!

Go skiing, or maybe go skating,

Also go sledding, why are you waiting?


Spring oh spring, so many things to do,

You can wear shorts and go biking too!

Time for gardening, maybe plant trees,

Then play outside with a gentle breeze



I wrote these a while ago.

8 responses to “4 Seasons

  1. That’s great!

  2. You give us beautiful pictures for the 4 seasons!

  3. My mom tried to send it to Highlights a very long time ago and they didn’t reply except thanks for sending this.

  4. Simply lovely! Send this to Highlights!

  5. Love it! The Winter section was great!

  6. That’s a cool poem!

  7. I love this poem it almost tells me everything about the 4 seasons!! Good job! Most of them rhyme as well…

  8. Awesome, awesome, and awesome! I think you should definitely send this poem to be published!
    BTW – if you could do some illustration of each season corresponding to your poem, it would be even better – I think.

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