My Trip To Hawaii

This is about my time in Hawaii which was awesome! We stayed at my mom’s friend’s house and her husband’s. They were so nice! Their names are Carrie and Don. Carrie is a very smart, fun, kind and creative person. Don is kind, smart, and fun. One thing to prove that he’s smart is that he built his own house! And he built it on a hill near the ocean so you could look down and see a streak of dark blue then above it a more lighter blue with white dots moving around gracefully [ like a bird] then in the dark blue,  slightly bigger white dots racing past [ like boats]. The view was WONDERFUL!!!!!

I also got to play with two sweet black labs. They were brothers and sisters. The boy is Elly and the girl is Precious, and she is precious! They were so cute! I really miss them now! We got to play with and train them. My sister was a little harsh on them but that’s another story. This is how harsh my sister is to the dogs. Precious won’t even go near her! Like I said before the dogs were so cute!!!!!!!

a drawing of me snorkeling...

I also got to learn how to snorkel. Uncle Don [that’s what I call him] taught me how. See, I told you he was nice! The first few times it was hard!!! I kept on getting water in my mouth. It was not pretty! But then I got the hang of it. The fish were beautiful! My most favorite one was the Parrot Fish. It’s so colorful I call it the rainbow fish! I also got to pet a turtle. And it was the nicest turtle I ever met! It didn’t mind at all when I pet it! I loved the fish so much that Uncle Don promised to buy me a water camera the next time I go to Hawaii. I hope he still remembers about that promise!

The best part about my trip was the Luau. A Luau is a kind of like a Hawaiian party. The best part about the Luau is that I learned how to hula dance! You’re not really dancing, actually you’re just telling a story in a fancier way. There was also a performance. One of them taught you how to break open a coconut! I liked all the performances equally so don’t ask me which one I liked best! There was also face painting. Well, actually more of an arm painting! I got a flower and my mom and sister both got a dolphin.

The food was, well……….. not good and not bad. I can’t say I love it though. But some of the food was fantastic! I definitely didn’t like poi. Poi is porridge like food. Its gray mushy color is not attractive but I know there are some people out there whose opinion is completely the opposite!

As you can see this vacation is very important to me. I will never forget my time is Hawaii and definitely not Uncle Don and Carrie.

6 responses to “My Trip To Hawaii

  1. This is amazing! I think whoever wrote this is very descriptive. “white dots moving gracefully like a boat.” what a awesome simile! This story reminds me of the time when I was in Hawaii. The first time I tried snorkeling I thought it was hard too. Your illustration is really good! Why don’t you write other things about other vacations? Keep on writing!

  2. Rainbow Moonstone

    I remember when I went to Hawaii, it was so much fun.

  3. I miss the time when we were in Hawaii as well, even though we had little adventure during the snorkeling… I am surprised that you didn’t mentioned about the wave surfing I thought that was your favorite part…anyway, next time I want to try scuba diving for sure….the creatures under the water are breathe taking even though the taste of the ocean water is awful!!!!

    Good job for the writing, after all the trip was in 2009…Let’s try to make another one in 2012.

  4. This is so descriptive! Makes me think of beautiful, warm days. Ahhhhh, to dream….
    You illustration is super!
    BTW, you can take out the brackets and just use commas. It will keep the beautiful flow of your sentence more intact.

  5. Glad to read something so relaxing before heading to bed! I like your writing with the drawing, which definitely imprints the beautiful picture of Hawaii in my sleepy head. Good writing and drawing!

  6. “Moving like a bird”, “racing like a boat”, how vivid! I’ve never been to Hawaii yet. Your family is very lucky!

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