Memoir of a Vampire (chapter 1)

Vampires, vampires, vampires! They’re all the rage. Edward Cullen and the other characters in the number one top selling series, Twilight. What you may not know about the vampire kind is that a full fledged war happened in the year of 1085.

Oh, time to introduce myself. My name is Elizabeth Von Couver. This documentary you’re reading is probably one of the last about the long forgotten vampire war.

It was December 31st, 1084. I knew someone was plotting against me and my dad. My dad was the Vampire King of War, VKW for short. He was the strongest, fastest, and most strategic vampire alive. I knew about the plotting because I inherited my dad’s powers when I was born. Of course, my powers wouldn’t mature until my dad died.

Back to the plotting… There were this group of vampires that called themselves “Vonkillers”. My dad and I absolutely LOATHED those vampires! They were set to kill me and my dad. If you thought vampires couldn’t be killed, you were wrong. Vampires can be killed if you stab them with a wooden stake in the center of their heart. I still don’t know why the “Vonkillers” hated my family so much. I could guess that they wanted to gain pride for their own nasty skins. Ughh! I still hold a grudge against “King Vonkiller” for a cruel thing he did in that war.


6 responses to “Memoir of a Vampire (chapter 1)

  1. I think it’s great so far…a suggestion for Chapter 2 would be to tell about her life. Maybe she goes to school and doesn’t have time to help her dad…or you could tell about the battle.

  2. Great story! can’t wait to read more! Just a couple notes:
    1. “their selves” should be “themselves”
    2. ” They were set off to kill me and my dad” you don’t need “off”
    3.” sab them with a…”just a typo, should be “stab”

  3. You did not tell why Vonkillers wanted to kill you, because of feud, revenge, jealousy, power…

  4. Please post your suggestions for chapter 2!!!

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