Grandpa Gaga

For the most part, Grandpa was a nice man who liked best of all to fish. Err… actually he did until Lady Gaga became popular. I was in excruciating pain everytime I stayed in his condo. Dressing like Lady Gaga, my 65 year old grandpa would blast “Poker Face” or “Bad Romance” while dancing like a madman. One time he played Lady Gaga songs all night! I couldn’t sleep atall. I think it might’ve been because of the song “Telephone” ringing in my ears, or that I was thinking of a Lady Nomore mission. Oh, Grandpa, why don’t you just go back to fishing?

14 responses to “Grandpa Gaga

  1. On the sentence I couldn’t sleep atall. Did you mean at all on atall?
    Anyways this is a great story.

  2. It’s really funny…you should write more of these! 😀

  3. It’s great! Keep writing funny stories! I bet Lady Gaga would be shocked to learn that and old man likes her music!

  4. thanks for posting this!!! It is TOO funy! And I bet Gaga would LOVE it!

  5. Funny funny! Do you think Lady Gaga will be shocked to hear that she has grandpa level fan?!!

  6. Funny!! Keep writing! Make it into a story. (just offering)

  7. I thought it was very funny.

  8. Oh, wow…where did you get that idea?

  9. Enjoy reading this! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Awesome!!!! No wonder Mrs. Schank liked this one so much! Will there be a continuation of this? Where did you get this idea from? It is so cool … Thank you for sharing this with everyone!

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