Snow day fun

I built a fort today! It is a cave. Here’s a picture:

A cave of snow It didn’t take too long, but smoothing out the floor and shoveling out the snow from the inside was back-breaking. I also dug out the cave and made sure that the ceiling wouldn’t fall down. My brother and I tested it. It’s too small to sit in, but you can still lay down in it. When you lay down though, you have to be careful you don’t touch the ceiling too hard or it will collapse. And that is what I did on my snow day.         P.S. I snowboarded and it was so cold, that after you brushed away all the snow from one spot,(the snow was pretty deep so it was hard to even brush away one place), there was ice COVERING, and I mean COVERING the ground at the place where we went sledding or, as in my case, snowboarding.


2 responses to “Snow day fun

  1. What a fun digging!

  2. Good hardwork! I could not imagine how Eskimo people build their igloo in freezing cold weather much worse than what we have.

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