Rita’s Monster (4)

I suddenly realized that the “bad” enemy, the silver dragon, was wanting to take over the gold dragon’s things. The dragon used its powerful wings to shovel out a humungo rock, revealing a rock podium containing the brightest polished lilac stone, sparking in the little hiding space.
“Whoa, so priddy! I think she wants us to protect this from whatever is on the other side!” exclaimed Bregita.”Hey, look! On the stand where the rock is, there’s an engraving! Toni, read it to us; you are the closest, plus you’ve got contacts!
“Okey dokey, err.. this is the Stone of Love? Whoever is touched with this, will be kind to whoever used it on them, Signed wizard Munto? Ok, this is just plain stupid, but what could get any weirder than ~~ WHEEE!!!!”
Toni slid down a vine slide on to a small rocky dining table, while a large vine, obeying the dragon’s command, served Toni unique berries in a beautiful leafy bowl.
“~~This! Man! Am I hungry! Only if these were raspberries..” she muttered.
Poof! to my astonishment, they formed from an sausage-like shape, to the red orbs of a raspberry. Amazing, I wonder when Toni says, “Blueberry,” the weird berry things will become blueberries. Just as Toni bit, she said it was as hard as rock!
Just then the wall we hadn’t noticed rumbled, then slowly slid through a large slot in the ground. We each grabbed a couple of things, well, just because. Toni snatched a jar of skateboard waxing, tweezers, flashlight, blood drawing equipment and test tubes, to contain the blood of whatever she wanted to contain the blood of.
Bregita dug though her large travel bag to find her lavender bottle of pink essence, byzantine colored nail polish, and a sparkly fuchsia, heliotrope, and pizzazz polka-dotted sharp nail file. Again, I am much too prepared to tell you what I contained in my hand then, but you will learn, this was 2 years ago.
The large rocky, pieced, wall lowered no more. the silver dragon screeched again. I thought, this dude needs a haircut!! 😛
“Omg, omg, omg, omg, omg,” Bregita was staring straight at the dragon.
“Yo, toni! ride around him on your skateboard! Make him dizzy!” I screamed, I knew the sleek silver dragon couldn’t understand English.
“OK!!!!!!”, she screamed, she was almost crushed by a boulder!
Somehow, Bregita managed to climb on the devil dragon’s neck without being seen. I stopped in astonishment as Bregita kept stabbing the idiot dragon with the sharp file (the sparkles were falling off) and reprimanding; the slightest bit of the blood cleanly tricked out.
“Dude! Catch the blood!”
And as she skated by, Toni threw me the blood drawing equipment. At the last second, I threw myself toward the now enraged dragon to catch the sparkling blood. The gold dragon carried me up to the stone podium to pour what seemed like 1 cup of the turquoise liquid. The stone glowed with brightness, the dragon spoke to me, and she said, (her language) that to put the stone on the silvery dragon, on the dent in her head. For the first time I noticed that!
“Bregita! Distract it with the perfume! And while its unfocused, put the ‘priddy’ stone into that dent!”
She did as she was told, and soon, the ugly dragon fainted. I wanted to destroy it, I was furious! The golden dragon chewed on a chain that hung around the creature and an Isabelline key clinked to the ground. We walked forward toward a periwinkle door; and as soon as it was opened, an old man in a locked cage said that that key could open all the locks in the world.
The man looked nice, so we freed him and the other dragons. One was hunter-green, (earth powers) misty yellow, (a rare heavens creature) a ghost white cloud dragon, and a Ube thunder dragon.
The old man said,”I am Munto.”
And then he shrank the lizards to gecko size and put them under our care(along with the Stone of Love) he spelled us back into my room, all clean like nothing had happened.

I touched Rina with the stone of love, and yes, she was nice.
For the dragons, I’ve sent them to Toni’s for some real fun!


2 responses to “Rita’s Monster (4)

  1. I went a little over the top! Sorry if guys don’t know these colors!

  2. AWESOME STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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