Environmental Poem

Together we can save the earth,

Not just you and me,

But everyone can work together,

Building like a tree.

Together we can all recycle, doing our own part,

For we all know it’s good for Earth

From deep down in our hearts.

Together we can all plant trees,

Lush, beautiful forests of jade,

Trees that block the glare of sunlight,

Providing cool summer shade.

Together we can save Earth’s water,

This precious golden rain,

Conserving it for future generations’

Use of it again.

Together we can save the oceans,

Keeping them clear and blue,

Being careful not to pollute them,

Keeping them clean and new.

Together we can save the earth,

But no matter what we do,

It takes a team to do it,

Including me and you.


4 responses to “Environmental Poem

  1. GREAT POEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. COOL POEM!!

  4. I agree with everything you said in the poem. BTW, in China, people collect the recyclable items and get paid when taking them to the recycle station. In America, people don’t get paid by recycling. They must pay to have the recyclable items picked up.

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