The Fight for Joinig (edited) (2)

Soon, I found traces of salt in the science room and some sugar in the sink in the 5th and 6th grade bathrooms. Then I told my partner, “I think I know who are involved in this, I think they are Sodium, Carbon, Chlorine, Oxygen, and Hydrogen, they are the only ones that can make this salt and this sugar.” He nodded. I put the clues in my pocket. Then I looked up at the clock, 1:00 P.M.!
I rushed back to class noticing them lining up for computer lab. I jumped into line quickly. After we got there I sat down and logged on to the computer. Then I noticed something blinking and it said: YOU GOT MAIL! I clicked on the view mail button and it said: lookin’ for kidnappers? Don’t forget about Group Bully. I replied: What do you mean Group Bully? Another message came and it was a JOKE! It said: What do you get when you mix a garbage truck with a sad element? I thought to myself, I bet magnesium would know this one.
During recess, I asked him about the joke,” That’s easy, down in the dumps” , he told me. “I got it! ”, I exclaimed. “Maybe the Bully Group tried to ambush him because he did something to them!” “Meet me here after lunch at 2:00 P.M. For lunch I had some electrons, protons, and neutrons (like usual again). At 1:50 P.M., I rushed past students and mean teachers again and I met Magnesium at the dump (I should’ve mentioned our school is about a mile from our school). He whispered to me, “What took you so long, I waited and waited for about 15 minutes. “Didn’t you see the clock it was just 2:00 P.M.”, I replied. I stuck my head out and saw the Bully Group made up of Neon, Sodium, Cadmium, Chlorine, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, and the head of the crew, Silicon gathering around a guy that looked like it was from the Sulfur family. I stayed and listened to what they were saying. But all I could here was stuff like get out of here or I’ll hurt you or I’ll punch you in the stomach as hard as I could if you don’t get outta here. I ran away just to be safe and my partner came with me to school.


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  1. dude awsome!(so far)

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