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Mission Impossible – Can you tell what it is?

What is this?


A different view


A close-up


The finishing touch

The Gumdrops That Fell From the Sky

“Get out of there as fast as you can!” I yelled to my brother as big gumdrops fell from the sky and crashed into our house. But my brother didn’t do that. Instead he opened his mouth and ate the gumdrops. “Help! Those are sour, not sweet!” Then he fainted. I didn’t know what to do so I just ate a gumdrop and I fainted just to be with him. The End.

Longer Days

Have you ever noticed that some days seem much longer than others? That’s because longer days happen when you’re awake and shorter days happen when you’re asleep. And some days just might start again. I’m saying you should stay awake so the longer days happen longer than shorter days and then if you want the day to start again, just be awake all the time and you’ll never get any sleep and you’ll die without any sleep.

The Fight for Joining (edited) (3)

After awhile I wondered if the bullies were trying to beat Sulfur up or if they wanted to just get him out because he went there on purpose. I tried finding more clues other than mail. Soon I found traces of element footprints going towards the gym and it was Nitrogen’s! I then thought So Nitrogen is involved as well maybe the bully crew is planning something in the gym. I looked at the clock 2:30 P.M. I went back to the dump and heard them talk about someone named Bog I thought it was a new element family’s child. I stuck with it for a while but after a few days I got another message at computer lab. It said: meet at gym at 4:00 P.M. TODAY! School was almost over. When we lined up to go back, I logged off and leaped into line.
At 4:00 P.M., I went to the gym and there were the Bullies of the Bully Group and I asked, “ Alright, now which one of you is bog?” “ You stupid, we’re all bog a.k.a. Bullies’ operation of growth”, Silicon replied. “Join us now like they did or else………” “Or else what?” I replied “Or else we’ll tackle you, all of us including the ones that just joined” , he said. I suddenly noticed someone, the one I’ve been looking for, SULFUR!”NEVER!” then they hurled there selves at me but I dodged every one of them and they threw gym equipment at me. I got hit by a giant 5 pound green ball about 2 feet wide and tall. I couldn’t stand up after that. I then looked behind me the door creaked and there was my partner and the principal, Mr. Zinc, standing by the door scanning what had happened. Then he shouted at all the bullies, “ You guys are expelled for 3 days!” “Bu-bu-bu-but they were-“NO MORE BUTS, YOU GUYS ARE EXPELLED GET OUT, NOW!” They trudged out the gym door and called their moms on their cell phones they brought to school and told them about the kick-out-of-school-stuff and were picked up.
They all were sent to separate cars and their parents drove off quickly. I walked off asking my partner, “How did you find me?” “All it took was good hearing. I heard loud noises of things crashing, balls bouncing, and tackling. Then I snuck in quietly and KABOOM! I was in the gym watching you get ambushed, then, I rushed to Mr. Zinc’s office and I told him about the commotion. He got surprised and showed him it and there was his loud voice talking about expel stuff”, he replied. “Buddy, that was a good ear you had there”, I said. And we both smiled and laughed about the bullies getting sent home and the expel stuff.
I came back to class and I whispered to Sulfur, “I found him, he got expelled because of some trouble he joined”, I said. After that I can’t think about anything but laugh and smile, and the same thing came to Magnesium, the same thing. I want my next adventure to be much more fun. I thought to myself. And I sat down at my gross looking desk.

The Fight for Joinig (edited) (2)

Soon, I found traces of salt in the science room and some sugar in the sink in the 5th and 6th grade bathrooms. Then I told my partner, “I think I know who are involved in this, I think they are Sodium, Carbon, Chlorine, Oxygen, and Hydrogen, they are the only ones that can make this salt and this sugar.” He nodded. I put the clues in my pocket. Then I looked up at the clock, 1:00 P.M.!
I rushed back to class noticing them lining up for computer lab. I jumped into line quickly. After we got there I sat down and logged on to the computer. Then I noticed something blinking and it said: YOU GOT MAIL! I clicked on the view mail button and it said: lookin’ for kidnappers? Don’t forget about Group Bully. I replied: What do you mean Group Bully? Another message came and it was a JOKE! It said: What do you get when you mix a garbage truck with a sad element? I thought to myself, I bet magnesium would know this one.
During recess, I asked him about the joke,” That’s easy, down in the dumps” , he told me. “I got it! ”, I exclaimed. “Maybe the Bully Group tried to ambush him because he did something to them!” “Meet me here after lunch at 2:00 P.M. For lunch I had some electrons, protons, and neutrons (like usual again). At 1:50 P.M., I rushed past students and mean teachers again and I met Magnesium at the dump (I should’ve mentioned our school is about a mile from our school). He whispered to me, “What took you so long, I waited and waited for about 15 minutes. “Didn’t you see the clock it was just 2:00 P.M.”, I replied. I stuck my head out and saw the Bully Group made up of Neon, Sodium, Cadmium, Chlorine, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, and the head of the crew, Silicon gathering around a guy that looked like it was from the Sulfur family. I stayed and listened to what they were saying. But all I could here was stuff like get out of here or I’ll hurt you or I’ll punch you in the stomach as hard as I could if you don’t get outta here. I ran away just to be safe and my partner came with me to school.

The Fight for Joining (edited) (1)

While going down Main Street, I, detective Radon walked into school. I’m in 5th grade at Element Ree School. I slowly trudge to my class. I have the worst class in the whole Element Ree School, 5-C, Mrs. Curium’s class. When I finally got to class that morning I sat down at my terrible looking desk full of junk, trash, and rotten element food such as electrons, neutrons, and protons. My classmates Magnesium and Neon next to me have much more organized desk than me. Neon was big, he was bad, and he was mean, the three requirements of being in the bully crew. Magnesium was as sharp as a saw and was my partner, intelligent, mystery-minded, and full of jokes, and I really mean that.
During class, my classmate, Sulfur, behind me whispered quietly to me, ”Help detective I have a case for you”, I slowly turned and looked at him, ”Tell me at recess”, is what I said. Mrs. Curium gave me a pay-attention-or-I’ll-send-you-to-the-principal’s-office-look. I quickly turned around and I listened to Mrs. Curium talk about boring biology, mad math, and gagging bad geography. After she talked the teacher talk, the bell rang loudly with fierceness I rushed out the building and I tried to find my classmate magnesium and my classmate Sulfur. He turned out to be playing tag with all the other elements and ran faster than I expected, I asked, “So what’s the rad case?” It’s my brother he’s been kidnapped during his soccer practice, not one element has even found a clue about it, please help me my mother would kill me after school if I don’t find him until tomorrow” ,he told me. “$1.00 per day I work alright?” “Yes”, he agreed. “You just got yourself a detective”, I said
I thought about it all recess with my rad partner, Magnesium. Autumn breezes rushed by as I asked him, “Maybe we should ask people about –But then he interrupted with a joke,” Hey I bet you haven’t heard this one, What do you call a pharmacy that farmers work at?” “I don’t know and I don’t care.” “A farmercy! HA HA HA HA HA! ”, he cackled. My eyes just drooped down in disgust. We got on with the case again. I asked him,” Do you think we could ask the people that go to our school’s soccer practice?” “I guess”, he answered. We rushed past all the teachers and students and got to the soccer team’s coach, Coach Manganese, the best coach ever. I trudged to him slowly (I was tired) and I asked him,” Have you-HUFF-seen-HUFF-Sulfur’s little brother-HUFF?” I asked in a tired way. “I haven’t seen him since last practice.” Is what I got from him. I ran away slowly and thought So they probably just snatched him during last practice.

What background color should the blog be in?

As you can see, I changed the background color to be reddish because I wanted us to feel the atomosphere of the upcoming Chinese New Year. We all know that color “Red” signifies celebration, happiness, excitement, prosperity, and all the good things.  That is why I thought perhaps the color “Red” is appropriate for our blog.

However, I would like your opinions on the regular background color of the blog. What would you prefer: 

Option 1: light background + black font color of the posts. Please suggest a color name.

Option 2: dark background + white font color of the posts. Please suggest a color name.  

Please voice your opinions!

Draw a fun picture about Chinese New Year

Can you draw a fun picture about the Chinese New Year? Ask your parents to help turn your picture into an image, then upload to the blog and let us all see which one is the funnest!

Must be your own original work ….

Thanks – all work will be VERY appreciated!