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What do you know about the Chinese New Year?

When is it this year? When was it last year?

What year will it be in the new year? What year is it this year?

What do people do before, during and after the Chinese New Year? How will you celebrate it this year?

Why Are Polar Bears Sweet?

Because They Are Made From Cupcakes 🙂


Mittens On Vacation!

Diamond's mittens, ready for bed at their 4-star Crowne Plaza vacation! All snuggled up with stuffed bunny. Ahhhhh!

The Spaceship Roller Coaster

Hi! My name is Emma Smith. We were going to a carnival today. “Today is going to be so fun!” I shouted with joy over and over and over again in the car. With a final touch to my excitement I shouted halleluiah! Then I shot my hands into the air and waved them like mad!

“For goodness sakes!” My mother exclaimed shaking her head. “Emma, please calm down! We’re here now.” She said. Sure enough we came to a big place where there were roller coasters games and tons of other stuff.

We got out of the car and walked to the gigantic playground. “Howdy!” said a woman in a lovely pink fancy dress. “Wow these people are nice!” I thought. My mom gave me and my brother Jim each 5 dollars. “Spend them wisely.” She warned. We agreed.

As I was eating my cotton candy I noticed a great big roller coaster standing out over all the other ones. “Holly cow!” I thought. I was definitely going to ride that one. I ran to that big roller coaster. I was about to get on when a felt a tug at my pants. It was my brother Jim.

“What do you need?” He brother asked me. “What?” I asked puzzled. “What do you need?” he repeated again this time with annoyance in his voice. Then I got it. “Emma, your so stupid!” I said to myself. “Thank you Jim.” I don’t know what I would do without that guy. I ran to the ticket booth, got my tickets and came back again.

I gave my tickets to the man then got on. It felt like it took 20 hours to start! When it finally started I felt a great plunge in the air. At first I thought this was part of the roller coaster but then I realized it was not. I closed my eyes as I zoomed out of Earth. Tears formed in my eyes. By the time I opened my eyes we were getting closer to Saturn. Without thinking I jumped of the roller coaster and landed on Saturn.

I saw a strange house 20 yd. away from me. I walked towards the house and knocked on the door. Three funky shaped green creatures answered. I didn’t care who they were and whether it’d be safe or not but I did it anyway. “Please!” I begged. “Let me come in!” The creatures opened the door wider and allowed me to come in.

I spent 2 months with these kind aliens when I could take it no longer. Their strange clothes, the disgusting green mushy food that I have to eat, their horrible uncomfortable beds, and worst of all, the hairdos they have. “Take me home to Earth!” I moaned one day. They looked slightly hurt but agreed. We got into a weird spaceship and headed of to Earth.

Luckily I knew where I lived. I walked home with the aliens and before I opened the door I kissed each one of them on the head and said thank you. As I opened the door my mother unexpectedly lunged at me and hugged me like a bear. “Oh Emma!” she sobbed. Where have you been?” “I’ll let the aliens explain.” I laughed.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the snow?

What is your favorite thing to do in the snow? From staying inside and never going out to going sledding or skiing every day. I hope it’s something fun. I would like making a igloo and having snowball fights everyday. 😀 🙂 :-X