The Fight for Joining (1)

While going down Main Street, I, detective Radon walked into school. I’m in 5th grade at Element Ree School. I slowly trudge to my class. I have the worst class in the whole Element Ree School, 5-C, Mrs. Curium’s class. When I finally got to class that morning I sat down at my terrible looking desk full of junk, trash, and rotten element food such as electrons, neutrons, and protons. My classmates Magnesium and Neon next to me have much more organized desk than me. Neon was big, he was bad, and he was mean, the three requirements of being in the bully crew. Magnesium was as sharp as a saw and was my partner, intelligent, mystery-minded, and full of jokes, and I really mean that.

During class, my classmate, Sulfur, behind me whispered quietly to me, ”Help detective I have a case for you”, I slowly turned and looked at him, ”Tell me at recess”, is what I said. Mrs. Curium gave me a pay-attention-or-I’ll-send-you-to-the-principal’s-office-look. I quickly turned around and I listened to Mrs. Curium talk about boring biology, mad math, and gagging bad geography. After she talked the teacher talk, the bell rang loudly with fierceness I rushed out the building and I tried to find my classmate magnesium (or I should have said partner) and my classmate Sulfur. He turned out to be playing tag with all the other elements and ran faster than I expected, I asked, “So what’s the rad case?” It’s my brother he’s been kidnapped during his soccer practice, not one element has even found a clue about it, please help me my mother would kill me after school if I don’t find him until tomorrow” ,he told me. “I’m on the case”, I said

I thought about it all recess with my rad partner, Magnesium. Autumn breezes rushed by as I asked him, “Maybe we should ask people about –But then he interrupted with a joke,” Hey I bet you haven’t heard this one, What do you call a pharmacy that farmers work at?” “I don’t know and I don’t care.” “A farmercy! HA HA HA HA HA! ”, he cackled. My eyes just drooped down in disgust. We got on with the case again. I asked him,” Do you think we could ask the people that go to our school’s soccer practice?” “I guess”, he answered. We rushed past all the teachers and students and got to the soccer team’s coach, Coach Manganese, the best coach ever. I trudged to him slowly (I was tired) and I asked him,” Have you-HUFF-seen-HUFF-Sulfur’s little brother-HUFF?” I asked in a tired way. “I haven’t seen him since last practice.” Is what I got from him. I ran away slowly and thought So they probably just snatched him during last practice.


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