About the Story

Did you notice all the characters were elements? It is a story I hope you’ll like. I’ll give you the why-didn’t-you-like-it look if you don’t like it (kidding). Have a fun time with the story.

6 responses to “About the Story

  1. They are really good, regarding ideas, the description, usage of language, and the flow of the plot for a young writer! The writing reveals an active and lively mind, which is hugely better than a passive one. Keep up the great writing and you will see a promising tomorrow.

  2. I wrote one with elements as characters too. I’m just not finished yet. I really like your story Emerald.

  3. That was a really good story. I like the idea of using all the elements as your characters’ name. Detective Radon, case solved, job well-done! Why is the story name Fight for Joining? Joining what?

    • I named it the fight for joining because of the bullies having the plan of making their crew grow and the fight at the end. They were trying to make Detective Radon join the Bullies’ crew.


  5. Wow, Emerald! What an impressive story! I finished reading all 3 posts at once! I like it a lot! Will there be more to come?

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