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Rita’s Monster (1)

        One day, I, Rita, of age twelve, sat down, tired, bored, and sorta hungry. The day’s just started, and I’m nearly falling asleep. And Miss Bossy Bossy Bossertins bossy Pants Rina is keeping me in my room for the whole entire day! Birdo’s even bored, chasing her tail, basically trying to get busy. Of age 16, Rina is so vial, she won’t even let me read, and she said she’d promise to stuff lunch under the door. I’m nice to her, but she’s not nice back….

        I tried to think of crazy ideas to act of while being in my locked, chained, taped, blocked, laser fielded, room. I never ever thought Rina even was so complicated. But still simple at the same time. I swung in my lilac colored Hello Kitty spinny chair, thinking, and thinking, and thinking and thinking,…. And I had a surely crazy idea; I’ll go into that old cellar no one’s ever been in! I hope I’ll break record of the craziest girl ever living! That is, if I survive down there.. 😦 😦 😦

        I’d bring my friends along too, they knew the way into my room from my window. I dialed the number on my iPhone, they were triplets. As soon as they came, Rina FINALLY shoved food under the doorway! As soon as Bregita, Toni, and Jet McThunder, (their pet hawk) arrived, they picked at the assorted ham sandwiches I prepared and nibbled on the potato chips Rina had choose. I snatched frozen fish bits for baby Jet, and beef jerky for Birdo.

        I went through my all prepared closet for 3 huge backpacks, and 2 little packs for Jet and Birdo. Toni’s pack had: skateboard polisher, an extra set of skateboarding wheels, water, protein bars, tracker device and its system, phone, a flashlight with extra batteries, a compass, and of course, a skateboard, but  not inside the backpack!!        Bregita had brought a bright pink overstuffed travel purse, filled with a violet camera and extra film, floatable motor scooter wheels, tracker device and its system, phone, Sparkling Spam chapstick, nail polish, note pad with pink pencils, crackers, vitamin water, and obviously an floater motor scooter, but that wouldn’t fit in a purse.   The pets had tracker devicesand blankets.        And let’s just say, I’m really prepared, you never know what I’m storing in there, you don’t want to, shouldn’t, and you, WON’T……(unfinished).


Writing Workshop Assignment Due Saturday Jan.15, 2011

Hi! It was great meeting each of you and I am looking forward to getting to know you better!

Your assignment for next Saturday is to write a 6-8 paragraph rough draft story. Don’t worry! It can be REALLY rough! And the 6 to 8 is certainly flexible due to the fact that we have such a wide age span in our group, but try to at least have four.

Post or email if you have any questions. Thanks!!!
No. 2 Pencil (Susan)